Roger Daltrey accused of hypocrisy for signing open letter for musicians


Brexiter Roger Daltrey has been accused of hypocrisy after signing an open letter decrying the government’s position for musicians touring Europe

Accused of hypocrisy after signing an open letter decrying the government’s position on musicians touring the EU post-Brexit despite previously endorsing Brexit, the Who’s Roger Daltrey has clarified his anti-Brussels stance, but argues the government should have prioritised the “easing of restrictions” for musicians and actors.(TheGuardian)

In 2019, Daltrey said he did not believe that Brexit would have a negative impact on the British music industry. “As if we didn’t tour Europe before the fucking EU,” he told Sky News. “Oh, give it up!”

However, his name appeared on a list of signatories – among them Elton John and Sting – who said that musicians had been “shamefully failed” by the government over the issue of touring, which has seen the UK and EU engaged in recriminations over who is to blame for the increased red tape facing British musicians at the border of each individual EU member state.

Following publication of the letter, Daltrey, 76, said: “Every tour, individual actors and musicians should be treated as any other ‘goods’ at the point of entry to the EU with one set of paperwork. Switzerland has borders with five EU countries and trade is electronically frictionless. Why not us?”


Roger Daltrey has admitted that becoming famous had a negative impact on his relationships with his old friends. The singer-songwriter shot to fame with his rock band The Who, which formed in the 60s.

But, speaking on Good Morning Britain, he confessed becoming a star wasn’t all rosy. Daltrey opened up about the downside of being famous as he discussed what he had been missing during the coronavirus lockdown.

 He cited “human contact”, explaining: “That is one thing I didn’t like about being a celebrity.

“It kind of distanced me from my mates and everybody treated me differently immediately I became famous.”“I didn’t like that,” added the 76-year-old musician, saying that he hadn’t wanted to be set apart.

“I never wanted to be different,” he told the show’s hosts Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid. “I like to just chat to people, to be treated normally.“I just miss that human contact.”




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