Roger Waters: plagiarism of Isgrò on cover works


 Milan Tribunal Blocks Sales of New Pink Floyd Roger Waters Record for Isgrò Plagiarism – Photo

“Is this the life we ​​really want?”, It would be a plagiarism of the works of Emilio Isgrò, an Italian artist who, thanks to the artistic language of “erasing”, is considered one of the most important names of conceptual art.


In the precautionary decree of the section dealing with business, the hypothesis of the plagiarism of the Sicilian artist. Hearing on 27 June. And the Italian cause can weigh even then all over the world. Albums out of stores and online platforms.

The details of the plagiarism of Isgrò’s works on the cover and artwork (libretto, drawings, depictions) of both the physical format (cd and vinyl) and the digital format of the disc released just June 2 by the former member of Pink Floyd Were found – by way of guardianship – from the specialized section of the Milan Tribunal, which on Friday, June 16, issued an urgent decree to “prevent the propagation of the offense”.

he works of Emilio Isgrò, class 1937, are not only exhibited in Italy, but also abroad. Here are some.

It is a tough hit for the interests of the British songwriter in Italy, but a mortgage in the rest of the world. Because, according to the Basel Convention on Copyright.  The way to similar causes in other countries could be overcome by a possible milanese decision of merit favoring the 79-year-old Sicilian artist of Barcelona Pozzo di Gotto, whose works are exhibited in Half world.

From the New York MoMa to the Center Pompidou of Paris, from the Peggy Guggenheim Collection in Venice to the Royal Palace and Museum of the Twentieth Century in Milan, from the Venice Biennale to that of São Paulo of Brazil, which won the Fourteenth Edition.


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