Roger Waters – the first trailer of ‘Us + Them’ concert film


Waters co-directed the project with Sean Evans, who helmed ‘Roger Waters: The Wall’

Some in the audience may ‘yee haaaa!!!’ Which is OK, but many will weep,” Waters says of film that will screen in theaters this fall

Roger Waters has announced a new concert film which was made during his recent ‘Us + Them’ tour.


“Waters collaborates once more with Sean Evans… to deliver this creatively pioneering film that inspires with its powerful music and message of human rights, liberty and love,” a synopsis promises.

Us + Them will be screened in cinemas on October 2 and 6 only, and tickets go on sale next Wednesday (July 17). You can find out more information about the film here.

The ‘Us + Them’ tour quickly became notable for its anti-Donald Trump imagery; the use of which angered some supporters of the President. Waters responded to those critics by saying that they should “go see Katy Perry or watch the Kardashians” if they didn’t want to be confronted by political messages at his shows.


The former Pink Floyd musician concluded the mammoth tour back in December, having performed to over two million people across 150 shows which spanned 18 months

The film will get a global release this fall.

The film of the tour is currently in production and has yet to be named. It will capture moments from several gigs during the tour.

Waters is renowned for live performances that become immersive sensory experiences. “Roger has been the innovator of theater in arena and stadium rock-n-roll since the early ’70s,” said his manager, Mark Fenwick.

“He is legendary for pushing the boundaries of surround sound and visual entertainment with his message of love and humanity through ‘Us + Them.

’” Event cinema specialist Trafalgar has fared well recently with music releases from bands including BTS and Coldplay.

It has worked with Waters before, on the release of “Roger Waters – The Wall” in 2015. “Roger Waters’ contribution to the music landscape is unrivaled,” said Trafalgar CEO Marc Allenby. “His spectacular shows across the world, in the greatest stadiums and arenas, are always poignant, relevant both creatively and as a champion of human rights. It’s a great honor to be collaborating with Roger and his team again.” The film will get a global release this fall.



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