The Rolling Stones Wrap 3-Year No Filter Tour With $415.6 Million


The No Filter Tour Joins The Stones’ A Bigger Bang Tour in the All-Time Top 10

Keith Richards: the Miami gig ‘Could be the last one’

According to Billboard   The Rolling Stones can add one more to the list. Their three-year, three-leg No Filter Tour wrapped on Aug. 30, 2019 at Miami’s Hard Rock Stadium. And with the final numbers reported, they now are the only artist to have two tours among Billboard’s all-time top 10. According to figures reported to Billboard Boxscore, The No Filter Tour grossed $415.6 million and sold 2,290,871 tickets, joining A Bigger Bang Tour on the list of the top 10 highest grossing tours in Boxscore’s history.

The Stones began their tour in September of 2017, playing 14 stadium shows in Europe. That opening leg grossed $120 million, highlighted by a three-night stint at the U Arena in Paris, where they earned $18.5 million and sold over 100,000 tickets between Oct. 19 and 25, 2017. On the Billboard Boxscore 2017 year-end charts, the Brits ranked No. 7.

The band returned to Europe a year later for another 14 shows between May 17 and July 8, 2018. That leg grossed $117.8 million, adding another top 10 year-end ranking to their belt, at No. 8 for 2018. At London Stadium, they set a new high mark for the tour, earning $20.5 million and selling 137,475 tickets on May 22 and 25. That double header remains the highest-grossing show in the venue’s history.

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Richards tells about the upcoming final concert in Miami, after Mick Jagger surgery . “Maybe this will be the last one, I don’t know.”
However, the guitar legend went on to describe his approach to live performances: “Give me 50,000 people and I feel right at home. The whole band does. As Ronnie and I often say before we go on, ‘Let’s get onstage and get some peace and quiet’.”

The Rolling Stones Setlist Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Gardens, FL, USA 2019, No Filter

What makes us believe that this could be the last time the Stones will go on stage? First of all, the age.Their combined age in 301 years.  Ronnie (72) underwent surgery for lung cancer, Mick (76) a heart valve, Charlie (78) treated a throat tumor. Keith (75)? he’s trying to achieve immortality.


But of course, the Stones now are old men, and have been, it seems like, for practically forever.And unlike the Beatles, who called it quits before they ever put a foot wrong, the Stones have — amazingly — never actually broken up. There’s never needed to be a reunion tour, because although the Jagger-Richards relationship has often been antagonistic — like many good creative partnerships — it’s never completely gone off the rails.

But if it’s easy to tease the Stones about their senior-citizen status, their longevity also demands respect. No, they don’t write and record new songs — or at least, they don’t release it yet as far as Keith Richards stated that the new album should come out this fall.

This year’s No filter tour, which is what should have been on stage last year, was quite long:17-date tour had been kick off  in Chicago to end in Florida this coming Sunday. Setting up a new tour for a gigantic structure like the Glimmer Twins circus is not like preparing the Ariana Grande tour, with all due respect.

Among others reasons, the organization of a giant car like the Stones circus is not easy to manage in a short time, so the next tour could be in a year or two
Usually it takes more than a year between tours. The only thing The Stones could do, are some special event dates during this winter, perhaps to promote the new album, if will be published, we’ll see.

Long live the Rolling Stones.



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