Roger Daltrey reveals he’s just days away from voice operation


Roger Daltrey has predicted that he won’t be able to sing any more within the next five years.The legendary rock frontman is still going strong at 75 – with The Who

‘I can’t speak much!’ The Who’s Roger Daltrey reveals he is just days away from undergoing voice op as he unveils slab at Camden’s Music Walk of Fame with bandmate Pete L'immagine può contenere: 4 persone, tra cui Alyce Johnson, persone che sorridono, persone in piedi

The frontman, 75, revealed he will go under the knife on Friday as he unveiled the paving slab in the rock band’s honour alongside bandmate Pete Townshend, 74
This comes two months after Daltrey lost his voice during a gig in Houston, Texas, causing the band to postpone the show.


But Daltrey says that as he hurtles towards the big 8-0, it’s only a matter of time before he loses his pipes.

“Obviously within the next five years I think my voice will go,” he told Billboard.

“Age will get it in the end.”

He added, optimistically: “It’s still there at the moment.”

The Pinball Wizard star said: ‘I can’t do much talking, I’m off for a voice op on Friday but just to say it’s great, it’s a shame it’s not in the Goldhawk Road but it’s great that it’s in Camden because Camden’s roots with the music business go way back.’

“It’s always very difficult getting us to do anything; Pete’s on different projects and everything else. I just want to get this tour done and the second leg to be even better than the first, and let’s see where we are once we’ve done that. I mean, we’re obviously coming to the twilight of our live career, and I’m glad we’re getting to do something like this before it’s over,” he admitted.

It comes as The Who continue work on their first album since 2006 – which Daltrey describes as being “better than Quadrophenia”.

Speaking last month during a Q&A at pop-up shop ‘The Who @ 52’, Daltrey shared his initial skepticism over the band’s new album and how he’s now changed his mind and is “incredibly optimistic” about their 12th studio album.04

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars and ‘Global dealer of the Year’ Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Sunningdale, have made a charitable donation to Teenage Cancer Trust.

The donation was made from the proceeds of the sale of Roger Daltrey CBE’s unique ‘Tommy’ car, created earlier this year as part of a series of highly-Bespoke Wraith ‘Inspired by British Music’ cars.(

Roger Daltrey CBE Donation with Rolls-Royce Tommy Car

British rock and vocal legends create the ultimate collectors’ editions by commissioning Bespoke design enhancements to nine Wraith ‘Inspired by Music’ motor cars to express their own musical legaciesTwo Bespoke commissions by Roger Daltrey are the first in a series of nine one-of-a-kind collectors’ pieces to be announced

A check for £208,945 (approximately $270,000 USD) was handed over yesterday in London by Roger Daltrey CBE to Teenage Cancer Trust’s Chairman David Hoare. Daltrey is Honorary Patron of the charity, which supports young people aged 13-24 diagnosed with cancer, and the driving force behind Teenage Cancer Trust’s annual fundraising concerts at the Royal Albert Hall. He collaborated with Rolls-Royce Motor Cars designers to create two Bespoke cars to mark the musical legacy of The Who.(

Roger Daltrey CBE commented:

Seven young people are diagnosed with cancer every day in the UK, and these vital funds will help Teenage Cancer Trust take a huge step towards its goal of providing specialist support to every young person with cancer in the UK. This car has become an incredible collectors’ item, and it’s gratifying to know that the proceeds of the sale will support such a worthy cause.”

Proportion of the value of the nine Wraith ‘Inspired by British Music’ motor cars will be donated to charities including The Teenage Cancer Trust Remarkable one-of-a-kind motor cars celebrate the marque’s long held allure among the most revered names in the contemporary music worldIn total, nine Wraith ‘Inspired by British Music’ motor cars will be commissioned and crafted with perfectly executed design touches, commissioned by icons of the British music scene – creating the ultimate collectors’ items for the marque’s patrons. Rolls-Royce will donate a proportion of the value of each motor car to charities including the Teenage Cancer Trust.

The unique designs will then be deftly crafted within the existing canvas of Wraith ‘Inspired by Music’, a collection of Bespoke motor cars, created in 2015 to celebrate Rolls-Royce’s long-held standing in music folklore. Further names drawn from the pantheon of British music royalty are set to be announced in the coming months.

Echoing the creation of some of the most striking examples of Bespoke design in the marque’s history, the project was conceived by a highly creative individual, inspired during a visit to the marque’s global centre of excellence in Goodwood, England. In this instance, acclaimed portrait photographer Alistair Morrison, on first viewing Wraith ‘Inspired by Music’, was moved to propose a bold idea, inspired by his work photographing some of British music’s most celebrated icons.

“I am currently working on a series of photographs commissioned by The Who’s, Roger Daltrey, entitled ‘Rock Stars Legacy’ – in essence it brings together the crème of the British music scene in one truly iconic image,” said Alistair Morrison. “On seeing Wraith ‘Inspired by Music’ and in learning about the way Rolls-Royce patrons collaborate with the marque’s Bespoke Designers, I saw an opportunity to express the spirit of this project, in revealing the personalities and musical legacies of these music icons through the medium of these extraordinary motor cars.”



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