Ronnie Wood recording new solo album


Ronnie Wood is recording his first solo album in almost a decade, which is due to be released in October this year.

WITH a world tour to finish and twin toddlers running around, you would think Ronnie Wood has enough on his plate right now.

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The Rolling Stones rocker last released a solo record in 2010 with ‘I Feel Like Playing’, and after taking a break from his own music to head on tour with the ‘Satisfaction’ hitmakers, he’s set to come back to his solo career this October, as a new album is in the pipeline.(source contactmusic)

Ronnie’s album will drop later this year to coincide with a documentary about the 72-year-old guitarist’s life, and insiders say it ”hasn’t been easy” putting together the new projects.

A music insider said: “This album and the TV show is a big deal for Ronnie.

“He hasn’t done any solo recordings since I Feel Like Playing and Live In London in 2010.

“He felt it was time to tell his story with a programme he fully cooperated with. It’s likely to be with the BBC or Netflix and offers a very candid look back on his life.

”But making this documentary, which has taken four years to complete, and the album, hasn’t been easy. He’s had to juggle so many things over the last decade.”

Two years ago, Ronnie had part of a lung removed due to cancer. He refused chemotherapy, fearing he would lose his hair. But he did quit smoking after 50 years.

Ronnie has said: “There was a week when everything hung in the balance. It could have been curtains.”

Ronnie Wood has told how he and bandmate Keith Richards are helping cheer up the band’s frontman Mick Jagger  Ronnie added that Mick is even more of a handful now that he’s back and on fighting form.

He said: ‘Oh God, he’s even harder to stop now. It’s like, “Mick, come here, I want to talk to you”, and he’s like all over the place. He’s really in good form.’


Wood has also painted a set of his own personal interpretations of classic Stones tour posters: Bridges to Babylon, Urban Jungle and Voodoo Lounge. For more information, head to Ronnie Wood’s official site here.



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