Miley Cyrus records duet with punk rock legend Billy Idol


  Miley Cyrus and Billy Idol have teamed up on a punk rock duet called ‘Night Crawling’ for her upcoming seventh studio album

It was previously reported that the 27-year-old singer has even collaborated with US pop punk icons Blink-182 for the upcoming collection, after she spent some time in the studio with the ‘What’s My Age Again?’ group towards the end of 2019


A source said: “She got in the studio with Blink-182 at the end of last year and is really pleased with the result. The album is now sounding much more rock ‘n’ roll. It’s a far cry from her pop sound of years gone by.”

Miley previously promised fans it will not be “too much longer” until she drops some tracks, and insisted she is “feeling the urgency” about releasing new music.

She said: “I am getting super close, I am feeling the urgency, I am definitely actively on it and ready to go.

“I’ve got some music that is sounding super rock and roll and I’m just excited to share, but not too much longer.”

Just like a battle of the sun-kissed six packs between these two leather-clad rebel rockers.miley-cyrus-l-and-blly-idol

Miley also confirmed there will be two or three songs with her recent collaborator Mark Ronson on her new record, which will have “Joan Jett vibes”.

She added: “Me and Mark, we have about two/ three songs on my next project together … kind of like Joan Jett vibes to it, just bringing back rock n roll.

“I currently have my dad’s haircut, I’m excited to bring that also.”

While Miley looks set to rock out on her new album, she had admitted the record would be “genre-less”.

She said: “There’s psychedelic elements, there’s pop elements, there’s more hip-hop-leaning records.

“You know, in the same way I like to kind of just be genderless, I like feeling genre-less.”

Miley’s last LP was 2017’s ‘Younger Now’.




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