If you think Springsteen is a saint, you haven’t been listening properly


“It’s so hard to be a saint in town,” said Bruce Springsteen on his 1973 debut album, “Greetings from Asbury Park, N.J.

As if to prove his own point, it emerges that the 71-year-old rock star is on trial for drunk driving after being arrested on November 14th last year just 15 miles from Asbury Park.
To make matters worse, the man they call the boss, known among fans for his unwavering idealism and innate morals, is accused of hypocrisy for just driving a jeep in a commercial.(Ampgoo.com)

“When people talk about me like I’m perfect, I feel diminished,” Springsteen said in 2011. Cars play a huge role in American life and link the vast expanses of this vast nation.
Springsteen’s characters dream of fleeing down Thunder Road, they drive all night to stay ahead of their own troubled dreams, run on the streets to keep futility at bay, they break out in a stolen car, worry the Highway Patrolman and ponder death while watching a wreck on the highway.

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When he signs up to be Born to Run, he doesn’t slip into sweatpants and sneakers, but rather considers “highways with broken heroes / on a last-chance power drive”, “suicide machines”, “chrome wheels, fuel injection”.
Springsteen’s reputation is so closely tied to automobiles that it is easy to imagine him writing songs with shirt sleeves rolled up to his elbows, covered in oil and grease, and wearing a large wrench instead of a guitar.

Regarding his 2019 album Western Stars, he said, “I still write about cars, the people in them anyway. Cars were a powerful metaphor for me. Forty years ago they represented freedom. Not so much today. A metaphor at best for movement. But are we moving forward? Most of the time we are just moving. “

During his brilliant one-man show, Springsteen On Broadway, he gave a myth-busting monologue and was delighted with the gap between the man and his image.
“I’ve never had an honest job in my entire life, I’ve never done hard work, I’ve never worked between nine and five, I’ve never seen the inside of a factory, and yet it’s all I have ever written about it, “he explained night after night as the show ran for over a year from October 2017 to December 2018.” In front of you stands a man who has written wildly and absurdly successfully about something of which he had absolutely no personal experience.”


The drunk driver incident happened in Sandy Hook, a national park in New Jersey, the state where Springsteen was born and raised, and continues to call his home. It’s practically a strip of wilderness and beaches on a peninsula overlooking Manhattan Island.

Where else is he going to drink? His home? The forest? The only correct answer is the stripped-down shell of an abandoned car in the middle of that field down by the railroad tracks.

New York actor and director Michael Rapaport (@michaelrapaport on Twitter) had his own typical views on the subject and posted a video rant on iamrapaport.com. “You arrested Bruce Springsteen in Jersey? If he’s not driving 97 mph on the wrong side of the street in a tractor-trailer, let go of the f____ing boss. It’s like arresting Jesus in Jerusalem. You have to arrest the cop who arrested Bruce Springsteen and instead of saying, “Oh, nobody deserves preferential treatment,” Bruce Springsteen put that bogus hole on the map. ”



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