Toto’s Steve Lukather: I Don’t Believe Guitar Is Dying,


Steve Lukather Is Amazed By How Popular Toto Is Among Younger Audiences and talks about his guitar style.

As Toto hit their 40th anniversary with a new hits package and stadium tour, Guitarist finds Steve Lukather speaks off: (interview appeared first on

“Well, I thought I was good guitar player until the first Van Halen album dropped. I remember, David Paich [keyboards]played ‘Eruption’ for me right before I did the solo on ‘Girl Goodbye.’

“It was like, ‘Who the fuck is this cat?’ But it inspired me. I played my ’58 Goldtop, cranked in the studio, just full blast – and I blew up one of those big glass ashtrays they used to have in recording studios in the ’70s.

“It blew up – and that was the last lick of the whole song. I hit a harmonic that I could never do again in a million years. It was a freak accident thing.”

How do you feel about your legacy as a guitarist?
“I’m not out there trying to blow everybody’s mind, like I’m the best guitar player in the world. Because I’m not. I’m not even close. I’m a journeyman guitar player. And I’m proud to be that. I’m the guy you call to fix shit or fucking come up with a part.

Some of the greatest hits from Toto’s compilaton

“I wish I could say I changed the world, like Jimi Hendrix, but I didn’t. There’s so many cats better than me. This is not a competition. I’m not looking for a stroke. I’ve had a fine career. I worked hard for my good fortune, but I never in a million years think I’m in the league of the cats we all revere.

“I’m not Allan Holdsworth. It’s not fair that a guy like that wasn’t [revered]like Mozart, y’know? He was our John Coltrane, and to me, he didn’t get enough love. You can’t figure it out: why me and not somebody else? Sometimes, there’s no rhyme or reason to life. It just is.”steve

You sound pretty happy with your place in the world…
“I’m just happy to have a career, bro. I’m not in the race any more. It’s liberating to be 60 years old, and not be worried about if I’m in competition with somebody or not. I’m not that guy any more.

“I’ve had a great career with Toto and my solo career has been fun. I’ve got to play with my heroes. I still practice and give a shit. I still try to learn. But I’m not trying to run the race to win. I’m just glad to still be standing upright at this point.


“I got plenty of what I need. I’m not a greedy guy. I take care of my family and people that need some help, y’know? That’s what’s important to me. Not having a big diamond ring. I’ve got a nice house. I drive a Tesla. I go to pick my kids up at school like everybody else, y’know?

“I’m your neighborhood guitar player. I don’t mean no harm to anybody.”

Earlier this year, Toto released a best-of compilation titled ’40 Trips Around the Sun.’ You can check it out below.



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