Mick Jagger struts through JFK after wrapping up Rolling Stones’ tour


Mick Jagger demands a new mattress at EVERY hotel to rest his strolling bones…and a member of staff even has to sleep on it for one night to ‘break it in’

Mick Jagger, 76, exudes casual cool as rocker struts through JFK… after wrapping up Rolling Stones’ tour early due to Hurricane Dorian threat

The Rolling Stones wrapped up their long-running No Filter Tour on Friday – a day earlier than expected thanks to the imminent threat of Hurricane Dorian.

But despite nearly two years of touring, 76-year-old frontman Mick Jagger looked well-rested as he strutted through JFK airport on Monday.

Energy to burn: Despite nearly two years of touring, 76-year-old frontman Mick Jagger looked well-rested as he strutted through JFK airport on Monday

The airport outing comes after the Rolling Stones had to move the final show of their No Filter Tour up by one day due to the threat of Hurricane Dorian.

The deadly storm hit the Bahamas on Monday and is making its way towards the United States. Proud papa: The father-of-eight paired the stylish pants with a dark V-neck sweater over a patterned shirt

The Paint It Black hitmaker exuded casual cool in skinny jeans and sneakers for the trip.

The Mail on Sunday can reveal that Sir Mick Jagger makes a rather unusual demand every time he checks into a hotel on tour: he insists on a new mattress – but it has to be slept on for one night by a minion to ‘break it in’.

A source said: ‘Mick always asks for a new mattress in his room, no matter how posh the hotel.

‘But he insists the plastic wrapping stays on while someone sleeps for one night on the mattress to break it in.

Jagger, who performed on stage last month for the first time since undergoing heart surgery this year, now has an estimated fortune of £260m.

‘It’s an unusual request but, hey, he’s Mick Jagger. Does he need a new mattress every time? Why not?’

Jagger, 76, is currently on tour with The Rolling Stones in the US. The band’s No Filter show takes to the stage in Santa Clara, California, tonight before moving  to LA to play the giant Pasadena Rose Bowl on Thursday.

The Stones will be among stars appearing in a memoir that Myers, now 82, has just finished. Out in October and titled Hunky Dory (Who Knew?), it will offer an insider’s view of the music industry’s golden age, focusing on the 1960s and 1970s. Myers signed the little-known David Bowie when no one else was interested and worked alongside the renowned record producer Mickie Most with the Animals, Donovan, Jeff Beck and Lulu. He masterminded deals, stopped record publishers exploiting songwriters, sorted contracts, and managed the New Seekers and the Tremeloes, among others.

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When the Stones first came to him, they were touring in a Transit van. He said: “In those days, you got cheques back with the bank statements … They were only tiny little tours, but [the cheques]were signed by the Rolling Stones. When you did the audit, there was no need to keep the cheques.” He threw them away, joking now about how much they would be worth today. Referring to his book’s title, he said: “Who knew?”

He also recalled signing Bowie and becoming his early manager when the future star was struggling: “Nobody wanted to sign him.”

He described him as a quiet man: “You would have thought he was an insurance clerk. You would not have thought he was a rock star. It was just when he went on stage.”

Myers saw his potential, investing his own money in a Bowie promo disc that led to an RCA deal and albums such as Hunky Dory and Ziggy Stardust: “We pressed 500 copies of the Bowie promo. One sold recently for $10,000. I threw them away. Who knew?”


When Rod Stewart was still up and coming, he would hang around Myers’s office every Friday, waiting to be paid for his latest gig with Jeff Beck.

Myers said: “I was Jeff Beck’s accountant. Rod Stewart was his singer. Each week, Jeff would give me money to pay [his musicians]because it was pay as you earn. Depending on how many gigs, they earned different amounts. Rod would be hanging around the office, sprawling all over. We had a very attractive receptionist. Rod would be there, chatting her up.






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