In Memory of: Linda McCartney- Full Movie (4/17/ 1998)


A film of the life of Linda McCartney (4/17/ 1998) The her early years – her meeting and marriage with Paul McCartney.

Paul reminisced on Linda’s skills in the kitchen and said: “With Stella and Mary, Linda was a very natural cook and she would be in the kitchen, and she would get the kids to help.

As she was a real music fan she was quite pissed off with everyone screaming. I think she enjoyed the experience but she genuinely wanted to hear the show. That wasn’t the deal, though. Not then.Paul McCartney Anthology


“Kids they were brought up watching their mum cook and seeing their mum start Linda McCartney foods, they’ve always been interested in it.” Stella recalled: “She was an amazing cook, and we were like any normal family where the kitchen is the heart and soul of everything you do.

She took images of artists including Aretha Franklin, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin, Eric Clapton, The Who and The Doors. Her portrait of Eric Clapton taken on the front cover of the 11 May 1968 issue of Rolling Stone magazine was the first by a woman. her photographs have been displayed in more than 50 exhibitions worldwide, including the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. In 1992 a book, Sixties: Portrait Of An Era, was published.

Photography made me a different person because it was something I loved doing and just nothing else mattered. I could just take my camera and go, probably like Diane Arbus felt when she was taking pictures. I had that feeling. Even thought I had a child I still felt single. It’s different when you’re married and you’ve got to go cook dinner. I could just go, go anywhere.
Linda McCartney
Many Years From Now, Barry Miles

She was in town photographing groups for a book called Rock And Other Four Letter Words. She’d been sent from America, and she’d just done a session with The Animals. They’d come over to the club: ‘Let’s go out and have a bevvie and a smoke.’So she was sitting in an alcove near the band, which was Georgie Fame and the Blue Flames – with Speedy Acquaye on bongos. They were always a big favourite of mine. I saw her and thought, ‘Hello…’ When she was about to leave the club, I stood up and said, ‘Hello, we haven’t met’ – which was a straight pull. linda

Then I said, ‘We’re going on to this next club called the Speakeasy. Do you want to come?’ And if she’d said ‘no’ I wouldn’t have ended up marrying her. She said, ‘Yeah, all right.’ So we went on to the Speakeasy, and it was the first time any of us had ever heard A Whiter Shade Of Pale. We all thought it was Stevie Winwood. It turned out to be the group with a very strange name – Procol Harum.

That was the first time we ever met – and then we met on and off, because I would see her if I went to New York or if she was in London.

Paul McCartney

I really don’t remember whether or not I invited any of the band to the wedding. Why not? I’m a total bastard, I suppose – I don’t know, really. Maybe it was because the group was breaking up. We were all pissed off with each other. We certainly weren’t a gang any more. That was the thing. Once a group’s broken up like that, that’s it.

Paul McCartney

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