‘The Rolling Stones in NYC’ New Book Out in June


The Stones’ history in New York City is the basis of a fascinating, upcoming book, Can’t Give it Away on Seventh Avenue–The Rolling Stones and New York City, from author Christopher McKittrick. The title arrives June 25 via Post Hill Press.

From the book’s announcement: “When the Rolling Stones first arrived at JFK Airport in June 1964, they hadn’t even had a hit record in America. By the end of the decade, they were mobbed by packed audiences at Madison Square Garden and were the toast of New York City’s media and celebrity scene.”

Excerpt from Bestclassicband.com to read the full article click here.

As a native New Yorker, (says the author ), I enjoy the many references to New York City in Rolling Stones lyrics and I wanted to incorporate one into the title. “I can’t give it away on Seventh Avenue” from “Shattered” was my first thought. I wanted to use a lyric that would be instantly recognizable to Stones fans, and I felt it had to come from the Some Girls album because so many songs on that album reference New York.

In addition, considering how much Madison Square Garden is referenced in the book and its extremely important place in Rolling Stones history, it seemed appropriate since the Garden is on Seventh Avenue. With “Shattered” being such a fantastic glimpse of the seedy side of Manhattan, it is a perfect fit.stones

Many musicians have a strong connection with their hometown roots, like the Beatles and Liverpool, Bruce Springsteen and the Jersey Shore, Billy Joel and Long Island, but what fascinates me more is musicians that make their marks on places that are foreign to them. There’s more Rolling Stones history in New York City than any other city in America.

Jagger, Richards and Wood all lived in New York for a time and became part of the social scene.



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