The ultimate NYE playlist to mark the end of a very bad year


The year that lasted centuries is finally coming to a close – and we need some music to bid good riddance to the horrors of 2020.

Last week, Guardian Australia asked our readers what song they’d add to the ultimate new year’s eve playlist: one that represents the year we’ve had, the year we’re hoping for, or just the way we’ll feel (and the words we’ll be screaming) at midnight.

Below are all the songs that were nominated, and now we need you to vote so we can build the perfect soundtrack for your night. Voting closes on Wednesday December 15 – and we’ll launch the playlist of the top 20 songs that Friday.




2020 in pop: the year that oldies stormed the charts  

Dylan sold out, AC/DC powered up and you couldn’t move for Zoom kitchen discos. But the pandemic barely slowed music’s evolution.In this strangest of years, music provided a constant source of comfort. (Telegraph)

Some came from old stalwarts, chief among them Bob Dylan who, at 79, became the oldest ever artist to reach number one in the UK charts with an album of original material, 56 years since he first claimed that spot in 1964.

Bruce Springsteen reconvened the E Street Band for the valedictory Letter To You, AC/DC came out of retirement to Power Up again and the prodigious Paul Weller gave us the beautiful On Sunset. Paul McCartney revealed that he spent this long period of enforced solitude creating his third completely solo album, McCartney III, on which he plays every instrument himself.

Meanwhile, 52-year-old Kylie Minogue produced and engineered the vocals for her new album Disco

Clubs may have closed their doors but still we danced, partying around the dining table in the kitchen disco. The biggest-selling British album released this year (and the only one to have a genuine global impact) was Future Nostalgia by Dua Lipa, which was an unabashed party set updating 1970s grooves with sleek modernity.



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