Prince’s estate drops unheard acoustic demo ‘I Feel For You’


Prince’s estate drops previously unheard acoustic demo of hit song ‘I Feel For You’ The release honours the 40th anniversary of the singer’s self-titled second album

The full version of the song originally appeared on Prince, which was released on October 19, 1979, and was later made famous by Chaka Khan, as the title track of her 1984 album. It featured rapper Melle Mel and became a Top 10 hit on the Billboard Hot 100

According with Rolling Stone, Tidal and the Prince estate announced Friday that, after a lengthy legal battle, the streaming service will debut a new and unreleased Prince album. Due out in 2019, the album will feature a collection of previously unreleased music from Prince’s legendary Vault.


Prince’s breakthrough into the mainstream will get a new reassessment this year when 1999, the blockbuster 1982 album that contained the hits “1999” and “Little Red Corvette,” comes out as a souped-up, remastered reissue on November 29th. The massive super-deluxe edition of the reissue contains five CDs and a DVD (or 10 LPs and a DVD) with 35 previously unreleased audio tracks and a full concert film that was previously unofficially circulated. The singer’s estate is also issuing pared-down versions of the reissue, including a two-CD (or four-LP) “Deluxe Edition” and a single-CD (or two-LP) basic edition.

1999 Super Deluxe Edition Track List


CD One / LPs One and Two: Remastered Album

1. “1999”
2. “Little Red Corvette”
3. “Delirious”
4. “Let’s Pretend We’re Married”
5. “D.M.S.R.”
6. “Automatic”
7. “Something in the Water (Does Not Compute)”
8. “Free”
9. “Lady Cab Driver”
10. “All the Critics Love U in New York”
11. “International Lover”

CD Two / LPs Three and Four: Promo Mixes & B Sides

1. “1999” (7″ stereo edit)
2. “1999” (7″ mono promo-only edit)
3. “Free” (promo-only edit)
4. “How Come You Don’t Call Me Anymore” (“1999” b-side)
5. “Little Red Corvette” (7″ edit)
6. “All The Critics Love U In New York” (7” edit)
7. “Lady Cab Driver” (7″ edit)
8. “Little Red Corvette” (Dance Remix promo-only edit)
9. “Little Red Corvette” (Special Dance Mix)
10. “Delirious” (7″ edit)
11. “Horny Toad” (“Delirious” b-side)
12. “Automatic” (7″ edit)
13. “Automatic” (video version)
14. “Let’s Pretend We’re Married” (7″ edit)
15. “Let’s Pretend We’re Married” (7″ mono promo-only edit)
16. “Irresistible Bitch” (“Let’s Pretend We’re Married” b-side)
17. “Let’s Pretend We’re Married” (video version)
18. “D.M.S.R.” (edit)

CD Three / LPs Five and Six: Vault, Part 1

1. “Feel U Up”
2. “Irresistible Bitch”
3. “Money Don’t Grow on Trees”
4. “Vagina”
5. “Rearrange”
6. “Bold Generation”
7. “Colleen”
8. “International Lover” (Take 1, live in studio)
9. “Turn It Up”
10. “You’re All I Want”
11. “Something In The Water (Does Not Compute)” (Original Version)
12. “If It’ll Make U Happy”
13. “How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore?” (Take 2, live in studio)

All tracks previously unreleased

CD Four / LPs Seven and Eight: Vault, Part 2

1. “Possessed” (1982 version)
2. “Delirious” (full length)
3. “Purple Music”
4. “Yah, You Know”
5. “Moonbeam Levels” **
6. “No Call U”
7. “Can’t Stop This Feeling I Got”
8. “Do Yourself a Favor”
9. “Don’t Let Him Fool Ya”
10. “Teacher, Teacher”
11. “Lady Cab Driver” / “I Wanna Be Your Lover” / “Head” / “Little Red Corvette” (tour demo)

All tracks previously unreleased except **, released on the 2016. compilation, 4Ever

CD Five / LPs Nine and Ten: Live in Detroit – November 30, 1982. (midnight show)

1. “Controversy”
2. “Let’s Work”
3. “Little Red Corvette”
4. “Do Me, Baby”
5. “Head”
6. “Uptown”
7. “Interlude”
8. “How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore?”
9. “Automatic”
10. “International Lover”
11. “1999”
12. “D.M.S.R.”

All tracks previously unreleased

DVD: Live In Houston – December 29, 1982 *

1. “Controversy”
2 “Let’s Work”
3. “Do Me, Baby”
4. “D.M.S.R.”
5. “Interlude” – piano improvisation (contains elements of “With You”)
6. “How Come U Don’t Call Me Anymore?”
7. “Lady Cab Driver”
8. “Automatic”
9. “International Lover”
10. “1999”
11. “Head” (contains elements of “Sexuality”)

All tracks previously unreleased


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