Tom Petty’s Wildflowers’ Outtakes Project Is Coming- video


A long-awaited collection of outtakes from Tom Petty’s classic 1994 album “Wildflowers” is finally to be published.

Adria Petty said in an appearance Thursday night on the Tom Petty Radio channel on SiriusXM.

Although she indicated that “Wildflowers: All the Rest” still wasn’t complete yet, “I think 2020 would be the best parameter I could give right now,” Adria told host David Fricke. “And just because of the way that the world is at the moment, the supply chains and whatnot, I don’t want to make any promises or break any hearts, but I think we’re getting really close, and I’m really excited.” (Variety)

For Petty’s daughters Adria and Annakim, who are overseeing the archive releases along with their mother and stepmother, having Tench and guitarist Mike Campbell and their father’s other musical confidants so actively involved has been as healing as it is helpful.

“They’re our uncles,” Adria says. “We’re all dealing with chaos; Our world just exploded when (Petty) died. We’re all a bit shell-shocked. But they’ve been amazing — and the other members of that team that were around for a long time, too. I’m extraordinarily proud of them for the amount of worked they’ve dived headfirst into with us.” source billboard

Whether the forthcoming project would be a single album, box set or something in between was not addressed in the SiriusXM interview. But in a separate interview with Rolling Stone, Adria suggested it would be something that encompasses demos like the one just released, on top of the sequence of alternative studio songs Petty was preparing. “The family and all our engineers and the Heartbreakers have been circling around this project and making it as delightful and completist as possible,” Adria told RS. “We’re really pleased to be able to share the second half of the Wildflowers double album. But there are also completist versions of how the sessions evolved.”

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Tom gave you that star you wear on your top hat?
“He did, and he gave me “Stop Dragging My Heart Around.” Had he not given me that song, let me candidly tell you, Bella Donna might not have been a hit. That song kicked Bella Donna right into the universe. My biggest sadness about the Hall of Fame is that Tom is not here to enjoy this with me, because he would have been the proudest of me of anyone.”





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