Three Members of Genesis are fueling another Genesis reunion tour


Three Members of Genesis Went to a Knicks Game — Speculations Abound Madison Square Garden summit is fueling rumors of another Genesis reunion tour

According to the fan site Genesis News, there are rumors that the group met up in the city to “test the waters for future activities.”

Still, these rumors require some very, very large caveats. First, Collins turns 69 in one week, so the band might be in town for a birthday party. After all, they remain one of a handful of dormant megabands (R.E.M. among them) that remain friends. (They split in 1996 so Collins could focus on his solo career, but it was a very civil parting and they reformed in 2007 for a triumphant reunion tour.) So, any rumors of future activity may be based on nothing more than wishful thinking. (A representative for the band merely said there is “nothing to report from this end” regarding the meetup.)

That said, there are some genuine reasons for hope here. Collins recently finished his Not Dead Yet world tour and has a blank calendar for the foreseeable future. Rutherford has toured heavily with a new incarnation of Mike and the Mechanics in recent years, but he also has nothing on the books going forward. Banks released a classical album in 2018, but he’s never toured outside of Genesis and shouldn’t have much trouble fitting a reunion into his schedule.

The former bandmates last shared a stage back in 2007 for a Genesis reunion tour, which marked the iconic band’s 40th anniversary.


Fan-shot footage shows Rutherford hug Collins as he walks onstage and is handed an acoustic guitar. After rapturous applause from the audience, Collins said: “I think we’ll have it one more time – Mr. Mike Rutherford!” (source NME)

“This is nostalgia seeing these two together again. Genesis still not dead yet,” one fan commented on the clip. Another said: “Very nostalgic and a very big moment.”

Rutherford’s band Mike + The Mechanics had performed earlier in the evening, with the group supporting Collins on the current tour.

Last year, Phil Collins said that he’d be open to a Genesis reunion if his son would drum for the band.

“I did mention to Tony [Banks, keyboardist] very quietly if we did anything again it would be with [son]Nic on drums,” he explained. “He kind of didn’t say no. But I’m not sure if he heard me or not.”

In an excerpt from his late  book Not Dead Yet, Phil Collins reveals what it was like being the spare wheel as Led Zeppelin ‘s Live Aid set failed.
I know the wheels are falling off from early on in the set. I can’t hear Robert clearly from where I’m sat, but I can hear enough to know that he’s not on top of his game.

I do remember an awful lot of time where I can hear what Robert decries as ‘knitting’: fancy drumming. And if you can find the footage, you can see me miming, playing the air, getting out of the way lest there be a trainwreck.

If I’d known it was to be a two-drummer band, I would have removed myself from proceedings long before I got anywhere near Philadelphia.

Onstage I don’t take my eyes off Tony Thompson. I’m glued to him. I’m having to follow – he’s taking the heavy-handed lead and has opted to ignore all my advice.



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