Watch Roger Daltrey pelt a birthday cake into Sebastian Bach’s face


Footage has emerged of The Who‘s Roger Daltrey throwing a birthday cake into Sebastian Bach’s face – check out the video below.

In celebration of his 76th birthday over the weekend (March 1), Daltrey performed onboard the Rock Legends Cruise VIII, which also welcomed sets from the likes of Roger Hodgson, Nancy Wilson and more across five days.(NME)

Also performing was former Skid Row frontman Sebastian Bach, who was tasked with presenting Daltrey with his birthday cake during the latter’s live show.

“I’ve gotta tell you, cakes and The Who are very dangerous,” Daltrey joked to the crowd as Bach made his way over.

After Bach prompted the audience to partake in a rendition of ‘Happy Birthday’, The Who’s singer took objection by smashing the baked treat into Bach’s face.

All the ones smoking grass down in the front there, I’m totally allergic to it,” Daltrey shouted to the crowd according to a fan video uploaded to YouTube. “I’m not kidding, whoever it is down there, you fucked my night and you made me really…I’m allergic to that sh*t and my voice just goes [makes noise with voice]It sucks up. So f*ck you!”


This isn’t the first time Daltrey has unleashed on fans, four years ago he threatened he’d walk off of the stage if people kept smoking marijuana.”I really don’t want to spoil anyone’s enjoyment, all I ask for is a little respect for someone doing their best to deliver a good night out for everyone. If you have to smoke it, get off your ass and go to the bog (bathroom) or eat it, please refrain from blowing clouds of it at me. I probably end up smoking more of your pot than you do and it becomes a singer’s nightmare. You are putting the whole show in jeopardy by your selfish behavior, give it some thought.”


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