The miserable life of being a rock star: Roger Waters


Roger Waters’ multi-million divorce   almost scuttled when his estranged wife Laurie Durning demanded her watch back in court.   Laurie said: ‘I just want my watch, that’s all’,

Recently in an interview, Roger Waters recalled the dark days of the band and revealed the one thing David Gilmour and Richard Wright told him that ultimately led to his decision to leave!

In 1969, Waters married his childhood sweetheart Judy Trim, a successful potter; she was featured on the gatefold sleeve of the original release of Ummagumma, but excised from subsequent CD reissues.They had no children and divorced in 1975. Trim died in 2001.

In 1976, Waters married Lady Carolyne Christie, the niece of the 3rd Marquess of Zetland. His marriage to Christie produced a son, Harry Waters, a musician who has played keyboards with his father’s touring band since 2002, and a daughter, India Waters, who has worked as a model Christie and Waters divorced in 1992.

In 1993, he married Priscilla Phillips; they had one son together, Jack Fletcher. Their marriage endrogered in 2001.

In 2004, Waters became engaged to actress and filmmaker Laurie Durning (born 1963; the t


wo married on 14 January 2012 and filed for divorce in September 2015.  Also it emerged recently that Roger signed over the deed of a Soho apartment to Laurie, which indicates that it was part of the settlement.

Waters partners photos

When Waters decided to pursue solo endeavors in December 1985, he attempted to dissolve Pink Floyd in his wake, labeling it “a spent force creatively.” Gilmour disagreed, forging ahead with Wright and Mason to record a new album as Pink Floyd. An irate Waters took legal action to bar Gilmour and the rest of his former colleagues from using the band’s name – and the famed inflatable pig mascot during live performances.

“It was a very toxic environment, when I was around some people – David and Rick mainly – who were always trying to drag me down and trying to knock me off whatever that perch was…by claiming that I was tone deaf and that I didn’t understand music. ‘Oh, he’s just the boring teacher figure who tells us what to do, but he can’t tune his own guitar.’– Waters revealed- 

During and after the recording of The Final Cut, it was pretty clear that there was no way that Dave and Roger were going to record together again. The artistic and personal differences between the two had just grown too strong. Whether this meant that Pink Floyd was dead or not is an open question — suffice to say that Floyd was certainly not going to continue with the same membership. But there was never an offical statement disbanding the group or stating its future intentions.

I didn’t start writing until Syd went crazy and he couldn’t write any more.

“So after I went to architectural college in London I bought a guitar. I had a bit of a band together by the time Syd came up and he joined us and that was the beginning of Pink Floyd. Who knows what might have happened if he’d been able to carry on. At first there wasn’t anything different about what we were doing – we were a blues band, we couldn’t even play many pop songs. Gradually Syd started writing and we became a bit experimental. But I don’t think I learned anything from Syd’s method of writing songs because it was very idiosyncratic.”


“For instance, Syd used to spend an awful lot of time after he became ill in bed. And Duggie felt that… as long as he was in bed doing nothing he had the potential to do anything. But as soon as he got up it became apparent that he wasn’t doing anything – so this potential fulfilment that he could feel in his life went away and so he would spend more and more time in bed.”



  1. Just saw there doc on as,I so glad they kept going.I feel very sad about SYD but thank Roger Gilmore for stepping up and stepping in.He did the dam thing!
    AND ROGER,roger Waters I just think he’s the most handsome man!Shine on you crazy diamonds

    • Audrea, Roger has been always really sexy and charming, besides his sweet heart and bright mind. I Love him two, so much!

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