AC/DC Share Clip of New Song “Shot in the Dark”


AC/DC have offered up the first taste of new music from their upcoming album, sharing a 30-second clip of the single “Shot in the Dark”.

The rock ‘n’ roll legends have been teasing their comeback all week, previously confirming a reunion of their surviving classic members, and strongly suggesting that the album will be titled PWR/UP.

“Shot in the Dark” is unmistakably an AC/DC song, as it reunites guitarist Angus Young with returning classic members Brian Johnson (vocals), Phil Rudd (drums), and Cliff Williams (bass). Stevie Young (rhythm guitar), who replaced the late Malcolm Young, rounds out the lineup.

AC/DC Few rock guitarists have ever earned the same respect from the blues world as Angus Young. There’s an undeniable, tangible honesty to AC/DC’s music that paid homage to the very roots of rock ’n’ roll, sticking to the traditional formula of a few easy chords and powerful pentatonic licks.

Along with his brother Malcolm, who sadly passed away in 2017, Angus’s raw and uncomplicated tones echoed that essence of sonic purity – favoring a more direct and undiluted kind of attack. (excerpt from Guitarworld, to read the full article click here)


One thing to remember is that while Angus Young’s signal path has been long renowned for its simplicity, it’s one that works because of the sheer quality of its combined ingredients.

As the crowd roared, Williams humbly retreated to his usual position. So Young turned his attention to singer Axl Rose, who took over as frontman for the tour after Brian Johnson was forced to (at least temporarily) retire because of hearing damage.

Although he’s been occasionally spotted holding a Les Paul, ES335 and even a Fender Mustang on one occasion – there really is only one guitar associated with AC/DC’s duck-walking lead maestro. And it would be fair to say his loyalty to the Gibson SG has never waned…

“I liked the SGs because they were light,” Angus told Guitar World in 1984. “I tried Fenders but they were too heavy and they just didn’t have the balls. And I didn’t want to put on them DiMarzios because then everyone sounds the same. It’s like you’re listening to the guy down the street. And I liked the hard sound of the Gibson.”

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