Artist’s superstitions and all sorts of preconcert rituals


Some rock singers warm up with vocal exercises and humidifiers; others prefer bourbon and cigarette. Here’s some bizarre rituals.

Keith Richards’ Shepherd’s Pie

The spoiled child of the rock world — The Rolling Stones — undoubtedly has its set of bizarre habits. For instance, they must have satellite or cable television when they are touring to watch the cricket matches. However, there is one ritual in particular that people usually smile at when they find out — Keith needs to eat a Shepherd’s Pie with an unbroken crust so that he can break it himself. His ritual is really serious, and the example to support this is that he once refused to perform when he discovered that someone from the security team has eaten his pie. The show did not start until someone made him a new pie.

Alice Cooper’s Skittles

Some don’t go to school or work without eating their milk cereals. Alice Cooper doesn’t go on stage without powering up with his sugary snacks — or watching his kung-fu movies. After all, you never know when ninjas might take over the stage

Foo Fighters’ Michael Jackson

Did Michael Jackson ever imagine that a rock band will “warm up” and drink shots of Jagermeister on its “Beat it” hit? We’ll probably never know. Foo Fighters are very careful always to have their shots of Jager and power up on Jackson. As they’ve said, praying to God is not their thing, and Dave Lee Roth only becomes himself after a couple of Jager bombs.Led Zeppelin’s Rather Boring Rituals

Led Zeppelin

You’d probably expect to hear something like “eating fire” or drinking the blood of some animal, but the Zeppelins are strangely peaceful, it turns out. More precisely, the most outrageous thing somebody has seen them doing is drinking coffee right before the show. Oh, and Robert Plant made the shocking request of having a space where he can iron his shirts. It is true that they’ve been known for causing quite the trouble in the 1970s — throwing TV sets out of windows and trashing hotel rooms, but that seems to be history now. You’d expect something seriously gnarly from such a hardcore rock band, but Led Zeppelin’s pre-show rituals are surprisingly tame. It’s reported that they sit around a drink coffee together, and that Robert Plant always needs a designated area for ironing his shirts.


Paul McCartney


During Rihanna’s 777 Tour in 2012, the pop star included

an assortment of liquor and junk food on her tour rider, such as one package of Oreos and a box of Golden Grahams cereal. She likes to drink Grey Goose vodka with fruit juice before taking the stage. But before every show, Rihanna h


uddles all of her backup dancers and musicians into a circle, where they all lock hands in prayer and solidarity. Just before showtime, they put their hands in the middle of the circle and raise them to the ceiling, as they yell out a rallying cry.




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