McCartney spotted making own guitar plectrums in bizarre way


Sir Paul McCartney heads to the long and winding railroad track for a new guitar pick. Plucky Paul left coins on the rails near his home so trains would flatten them.

The 77-year-old ex-Beatles Paul McCartney was immortalized while, bermuda shorts and a hat on his head, he wanders curiously along the tracks of a railroad in the United States, the Long Island Rail Road.

Yeah, but what are you doing? As reported by the Daily Mirror, the old rock star is leaving some penny coins on the platform so that they are flattened by the next train pass and turn into picks.

Other musicians, including Queen’s Brian May, have used flattened coins as plectrums because the metal is strong.

But it is against US law to deface currency, with a fine if you try to spend it again.

A person who saw the scene commented: “Normally it is the children who leave the coins on the track, not a grandfather.”


Other musicians before McCartney, including the Queen Brian May guitarist, used crushed coins as picks because the metal is strong.

Recently Paul McCartney’s original handwritten “Hey Jude” lyrics that the Beatles used in the studio while recording the song. McCartney handwrote this version, and then made copies for the band members to use

. In the video shown here of the Beatles actually recording in the studio you can see this original McCartney handwritten lyrics. It is our understanding that McCartney gave these lyrics to a recording engineer at the session. In 2002 McCartney was granted a High Court injunction that prevented the sale of a draft manuscript of “Hey Jude” after McCartney stated that it had been stolen from his home.

Therefore, outside of the material held by McCartney himself, the lyrics offered here may be the only original material relating to the song in private hands. McCartney’s handwritten lyrics lay out the song’s basic four verse structure-Risultati immagini per Paul McCartney Extremely Rare Original "Hey Jude" Handwritten

McCartney originally titled the song “Hey Jules” and wrote it to console Lennon’s song Julian on the break-up of his parents marriage. McCartney worked on the song in July of 1968 and then brought it to John and Yoko on the 26th.

Lennon immediately thought the song was one of McCartney’s “masterpieces” and they agreed it would be the Beatles next single. It became their first single released on the group’s own Apple label, in August, 1968.

“Hey Jude”, clocking in at 7 minutes and 11 seconds, is the longest #1 single of all time. Black felt tip marker on 8 x 13 paper. With vintage sheet music . Comes with a Tracks, Ltd. U.K. letter of authenticity and a Gotta Have Rock & Roll™ Certificate of Authenticity. Authenticated by Beatles handwriting expert Frank Caiazzo, if the high bidder wishes to receive a letter of authenticity from Mr. Caiazzo we will assist in this process.Minimum Bid: $150,000

Others emorabilia from the band went under the hammer with Heritage Auctions on March 16, in Dallas, Texas
Among the rare items on auction is a mysterious copy of ‘The Beatles’, later known as ‘The White Album’
Also on auction is a 28-page concert programme neatly signed by the members of the band along with four broken drumsticks that once belonged to Ringo Starr, according with Dailymail

Unseen Beatles photographs, a rare copy of the mysterious White Album, signed broken drumsticks, an autographed tour book creepy and more could fetch £326,000 at auction.

Musical memorabilia from The Fab Four will go under the hammer with Heritage Auctions on March 16, in Dallas, Texas, and online.

Among the collection is a mysterious copy of ‘The Beatles’, later known as ‘The White Album’ due to its plain white cover, could fetch more than $100,000 (£77,000).

The Beatles started numbering the records with that album and over three million copies were produced, the majority bearing six digits apart from this one and a small handful of others.

Also up for grabs are vintage Halloween costumes and masks of the four band members Paul McCartney, John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr, selling for $2,400 (£1,800)

A concert programme neatly signed by the band along with four broken Ringo drumsticks could sell for $20,000 (£15,000) and is inscribed, ‘To Corker, Best Wishes’.

Beatles superfan Dennis Dailey, started selling the impressive horde with Heritage Auctions last year and the auction is expected to conclude by the end of 2019.

Along the four full sized mannequins, auctioneers can purchase a replica version of Ringo’s 1964 Ludwig drum set. The drum kits comes complete with a rack tom, floor tom and snare drum

There are over 221 Beatles-related items up for grabs in this auction, their combined is believed to bring in $420,000 (£326,000) based on their lowest estimates.


Described as one of ‘the biggest Beatles memorabilia collection in the world,’ it took 18 days to pack-up with six to eight people working each day and 53 semi-trucks.

Garry Shrum, director of music memorabilia, said: ‘With it being the 50th Anniversary The White Album is a very special piece.


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