David Bowie Is’ Exhibition Become Augmented Reality App


The V&A’s touring exhibition David Bowie Is – which visited 12 cities over the course of five years before closing permanently in the summer – will now live on as a mobile app.

The David Bowie Is augmented reality mobile app will be available for iOS and Android from January 8, 2019 (which would have been Bowie’s 72nd birthday). It grants access to the show’s hundreds of costumes, videos, handwritten lyrics, original works of art and more.

The augmented reality version of the exhibit is the reportedly the first of its kind. Users will be able to examine each object in 360-degree detail, while the app will also boast an “immersive audio experience featuring Bowie’s music and narration.”

The app will allow fans to explore the hundreds of costumes, videos, handwritten lyrics and original artwork featured in the exhibit. It will also include dozens of items not featured in the original exhibit, including some that will be exclusive to the app.

After being visited by over 300,000 people, left London in 2013 and then to Chicago, St. Paul, Toronto, Paris, Berlin, Melbourne, arriving from 14 July to 13 November 2016 at the Museum of Modern Art in Bologna. The exhibition celebrates the nearly fifty years of David Bowie’s career, the alien could in five decades to permanently pursue innovation without ever betraying himself and his audience.

3D renderings preserve and present his costumes and treasured objects such as musical scores, storyboards, handwritten lyrics, and even diary entries – all in 360-degree detail, enhanced by an immersive audio experience featuring Bowie’s music and narration, best experienced with headphones.”


The exhibition David Bowie IS is the first international retrospective of the extraordinary career of David Bowie one of the most influential performers and visionaries of modern times. Over 300 exhibits including the original handwritten lyrics, original costumes, photographs, set designs, albdavidum covers and rare performances of material that cover five decades of the artist’s activities collected and exhibited, for the first time in absolute and exclusive in Italy, from the David Bowie Archive.

The app will feature dozens of items not featured in the original exhibition – including some entirely new and exclusive to this AR version. For more information, visit the official David Bowie Is site.




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