David Bowie’s ex-wife Angie slams new biopic: “waste of time”


Angie Bowie has hit out at the new David Bowie biopic Stardust. The film stars Johnny Flynn as the ‘Starman’ singer in 1971 as he heads to the US for a tour.

Unfortunately, he has a visa issue which means he can’t perform, and he instead goes on a road trip with his American publicist Ron Oberman.

Speaking to The Mirror, David’s ex-wife Angie slammed the film, calling it “a total waste of time ‘bland, boring and inaccurate’ – with none of David Bowie’s songs in it”.

Angie, played in the film by Hunger Games star Jena Malone, believes the blame lies with Bowie’s late US publicist.

She claims: “It should be called the Ron Oberman Whingeing and Whining story.”

Angie says Bowie, who died five years ago aged 69, would be aghast at the biopic.

It chronicles his early years in music – before hits like his 1973 classic Jean Genie.

Angie says: “It was a total waste of time. David would never have watched it.

“The only people who would watch it are people who are obsessed with celebrities.”

Director Gabriel Range failed to gain the approval of the singer’s estate or the rights to his discography.

So the biopic relies on other people’s songs that Bowie covered – including tracks by The Yardbirds and Jacques Brel.

“That’s not how it was at all. Our marriage wasn’t at breaking point then. That came much later. I wasn’t worried about anything, I was in an extremely good mood. I was having a fabulous time in London. I wasn’t on call 24 hours a day.

“The character who plays me says that I wanted David and I to be king and queen but that’s not true.

“I wanted David’s career to be incredible and then I wanted to pursue my directing and acting dreams. I didn’t want to be a queen.”




There was nothing predictable about David Bowie. Everything was designed to intrigue, to challenge, to defy all expectations. But perhaps no period in David Bowie’s extraordinary career raised mor

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  1. The man in the yellow suit is not David Bowie, it’s David Brighton. Can’t even get that right. Dumb movie, even dumber article.

    • it’s actually Johnny Flynn pictured, anyway, never mind. We only do news. also dumb news. take care, have fun.

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