Political correctness censored artists – Annie Lennox


As for her relocation to the United States – at the height of the pandemic’s first wave – Lennox says it was a family-motivated move.

“My daughter Lola has been living here for a few years, trying to develop her career in music,” she says. (Independent.ie)

“My stepson also lives here, and my husband Mitch Besser spent a lot of time in Africa.”

Nonetheless, at this stage in her life, she never would have expected to be doing a trans- atlantic flit.

“It’s certainly not because I love Los Angeles,” she says.

“We just needed to be closer to family, and London wasn’t doing it for us any more.”

Her arrival on US soil coincided not only with the Covid-19 pandemic and a simmering general election, but with devastating Californian wildfires.

“We lived for two weeks with toxic air,” she says. “You couldn’t open the doors or windows.

“If you had air-conditioning, you were grateful for that, because it kept the heat out of the house.

“But you just felt so dysphoric, like it was the end of days.”

Now, in the midst of White House transition chaos, it has been no better down the hill in the urban heart of Los Angeles.

“If I drive eight minutes down the road on to Sunset Strip, it’s Orwellian,” Lennox says.

“All the buildings, more or less, are boarded up because of the election.


“But now we’re so hyper- vigilant, hypercritical, we’ve come to this point where we’re censored in a way.”

“There’s a sense of a potential for civil war, for vigilantism. The political divide, the polarity, is so palpable.”

Division, she says, is also intrinsic to the feminist cause for which she was a stadium-sized standard bearer in the 1980s.

“I’ve realised it’s a multifaceted issue,” she says.

Feminism is expressed and felt and perceived by men and women everywhere.

“But if you’re driven by anger, it’s just going to repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat,” the star says.

Were things simpler in the 1980s, when Lennox flew the flag for what used to be called “gender-bending” and Boy George on Top of the Pops was confusing dads?

Then, such political statements seemed more straightforward.



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