“David Crosby ‘Remember My Name’ Trailer


“David Crosby: “Remember My Name”first trailer: All the guys that I made music with won’t even talk to me. All of ’em,”

IN “David Crosby: Remember My Name,” A.J. Eaton’s moving and elegiac rock-nostalgia documentary, David Crosby appears before us as an older and wiser hippie troubadour, his signature long locks and frontier mustache now white, his spirit chastened but still keyed to the muse of his holy boomer-rock self. In the movie, Crosby speaks with candor about all the drugs he did, the women he “didn’t love enough,” the abuse he handed out to his body and soul.

David Crosby reflects on drug addiction, personal tragedy and conflicts with former bandmates in the new trailer for David Crosby: Remember My Name. The Cameron Crowe-produced documentary — which recently premiered at the Sundance Film Festival — will open in New York and L.A. on July 19th.

Yet he’s not apologizing; he’s testifying. In “Remember My Name,” he treats his life as a shamanistic parable of pleasure and pain, beauty and loss.

Crosby calls the Cameron Crowe-produced documentary a “brutally honest” account of his storied life, which has included a relationship with Joni Mitchell, prison time, addiction, a liver transplant and, of course, music.

“He knows a lot about me,” Crosby says of Crowe. “When he asks questions, he can be merciless, and he gave me nowhere to hide . . . It’s about how I became who I am. And it isn’t all pretty.”

When you see fabled rock stars who came up in the ’60s on tour, or performing for some PBS fund-raiser (it might be the Moody Blues, or the Beach Boys, or the Temptations), it’s always a little oxymoronic to realize that they’re now old men. That said, the toughest thing to adjust to is their voices, which simply aren’t the same. The sound is thinner, and you can hear the strain as they reach for those high notes (or, more often, avoid them altogether). But in “Remember My Name,” we see David Crosby performing in concert over the last year or so, and the sound that pours out of him is as pure and clean as ever. He hits every damn note, including the high ones, and that golden-sunlight voice is a clue as to why he outlasted so many others. There’s a spirit inside him that won’t fade. Source Variety



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