David Crosby’s Cannabis brand is coming.


David Crosby- the legendary musician, cannabis connoisseur, social activist cannabis brand is about to come.

Mr. Crosby is accepting proposals from companies seeking to be the exclusive licensee of the iconic “DAVID CROSBY” name in the cannabis industry.

This would include the exclusive right to distribute and sell untra-high quality, official “David Crosby” branded cannabis and CBD products and accessories.

David Crosby's Cannabis brand is coming. It's been a Long Time Comin' #Marijuana #Cannabis #Hemp #CBD #DavidCrosby

Pubblicato da Mighty Croz su Sabato 15 settembre 2018

“I’m going for the highest quality,” Crosby, 76, tells . “Anything that has my name on it is going to have to be the highest quality. My first priority is partnering with a leading cannabis company.”

Much like the American auto industry of the 1950s, Crosby predicts the weed industry will consolidate.

cannabis “Big companies eat each other, compete with each other, combine with each other and there will wind up being a few national and international companies that are the centers of it, probably 10 or a dozen. One of those I would like to do a deal with.”

A Pot Brand For Boomers
When asked why he’s launching “Mighty Croz,” Crosby has a simple answer.

“Because it’s fun,” he says with a cackle. “Getting high is fun, people who get high are fun, marijuana is fun and I like to have fun in my life.

“’Mighty Croz’ will be aimed at the same demographic that’s likely to own a copy of ‘If I Could Only Remember My Name,’” according to Crosby and his business partner Steven Sponder.

“Baby boomers, the biggest bump in the population curve. That’s who my audience is,” Crosby says.

Cannabis, he says, is the best and safest route to an altered state.

The singer’s history with harder drugs is well-documented: a long, destructive freebase cocaine addiction ended with five months in a Texas prison in 1986. In 1994, he underwent a liver transplant.

“It’s much better for people than the other available ways to get loaded,” Crosby says of marijuana. “The human race has always liked getting loaded. That’s why we invented fermenting and distilling — and ate every kind of fruit and berry in the jungle.”

Crosby remembers being one of the first in his Laurel Canyon circle to source sinsemilla — a revelation compared to the seedy brick weed he’d been buying by the kilo.

Fresh out of The Byrds, he’d just returned to California with then-girlfriend Joni Mitchell and was preparing to produce her debut album Song to a Seagull, released in 1968.

“I’d get groups of friends together and give them a joint or two of this spectacularly strong pot they had never encountered before.



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