Eric Clapton’s Eric Clapton’s Ferrari collection


The 2004 Ferrari 612 Scaglietti V12 once owned by guitar legend Eric Clapton is to be sold by H&H auctioneers

The 2004 Ferrari 612 Scaglietti remains divisive within Ferrari circles. Some deem it too fat, too heavy and overtly styled with a bland yet awkward stance.eric

Yet there was an instant knock at the door when Ferrari’s 612 was first announced – rock ‘n’ roll legend Eric Clapton. The aesthetics, inspired by the coachbuilt 1954 Ferrari 375 MM that director Roberto Rossellini had commissioned for his wife – Ingrid Bergman – were enough to see him lay down a deposit and wait patiently for his new car, which was delivered to him from the first batch of 2004 vehicles.

We aren’t sure how long Clapton kept the car, but records show the Ferrari had only one further custodian before landing with the current vendor. It’s covered a mere 29,000 miles from new.

Eric Clapton net worth is estimated at $250 million. Rock and blues guitarist and songwriter for bands such as Cream and the Yardbirds,

His property assets include his house on Venice Beach in California, his villa in Antigua and his Surrey home Hurtwood Edge Estate. Clapton’s yatch, Va Bene, worth £9 million, his music catalogs, tour earnings and his 50% share in the sartorial company Cordings Piccadilly sum up the bulk of his wealth.

Clapton’s life as a musician was a racy life full of the thrills of fame and artistic creation, offset with drugs and alcohol. Clapton wrote ‘Layla’ for Patti Boyd, who was Beatles man George Harrison’s wife at the time, and married her in 1979 after years of passionate wooing. They stayed married through his affairs in 1984 with Yvonne Kelly (which produced a daughter in 1985) and 1988 with Lory Del Santo (which gave him his son Conor). The couple divorced that year, but Conor was killed in an accident when he was four which left Clapton shattered. The singer went on to marry Melia McEnery in 2002 and went on to have three children with her – the heirs to Eric Clapton net worth.


Ferrari 365 GTC

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Clapton might have been content to just look at his Caddy, but it was his first Ferrari that inspired him to drive. In his 2007 autobiography he wrote about a visit from his great friend and fellow car enthusiast George Harrison. “One day in the late 1960s he arrived at my house in a dark-blue Ferrari 365 GTC. I’d never seen one in the flesh before and my heart melted.

Named after the legendary Ferrari founder, the company produced only 400 of these between 2002 and 2004

Ferrari Enzo

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Ferrari Enzo

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