An extraordinary letter by  George Harrison fearing being ‘poor and hungry’


George begged friend photographer Astrid Kirchherr, to let him use her work in his book because Paul McCartney and John Lennon would become ‘very rich’ and more successful than him.


The letter, from 1963, in blue ballpoint pen and on Palace Court Hotel headed stationary, has now been put up for auction with Bonhams.

In the six-page letter he seemed concerned that songwriters

He sent the letter to his friend, well-known German photographer Astrid Kirchherr, who had just taken intimate pictures of the group during a trip to Tenerife in 1963.

George Harrison begged his friend, photographer Astrid Kirchherr (pictured together in Tenerife), to let him use photographs in his new book 

McCartney, Kirchherr and Harrison were photographed relaxing near the sea in Tenerife after travelling there together in 1963

Harrison, who went on to make around £300million, revealed in his letter that he was going to write a book about the band to ‘make money’. In the letter, he boasted about buying a new Jaguar car but begged her to send him the pictures so he could use them in his book.

He wrote the letter while staying at the Palace Court Hotel in Bournemouth, Dorset, where the Beatles were on a six-night residency of the town’s Gaumont Theatre.

 “I bought you all the records I told you about years ago, and they are still at home covered in dust, so if you have decided where about’s you are living lately, then let me know and I will send them to you…

Fat Betty has seen all the Happy holiday Photo’s, hasn’t she? but I haven’t, oh no – you won’t show them to me will you!

Actually if she had not come to England with King Size, then I would still be wondering which part of the world you where in…

I bought a Jaguar (car) last month, and I think you would like it. I will send you a photograph of it, with the records as soon as I get back to Liverpool…

Could you look through your photographs and find some – or all of the photos that have The Beatles either all together or separately, or that have any of us with other people in them, in fact any photographs at all that may be of interest and then if you felt in a HAPPY ASTRID MOOD, do you think you could either give or lend them to me…

You know that Paul and John are going to be very rich soon, when they collect the money they have made by writing all those songs, and I don’t think that you would like to see me poor and hungry, so I have decided to make a book.letter

It won’t be a DA SADE type book, but a daft story about the BEATLES, with some photographs in it, and then I hope to sell it to all the nice people and then I can buy food with the money…Can’t I?

I would like to have some pictures that the people haven’t already seen in all the other books, so that is why I am asking you. It would be very nice of you, even if the pictures were old at the Indra and Kaiserkeller and Top Ten…

I have been ill all week, feeling tired all the time. The doctor gave me a tonic which is like liquid preludin. My balls have been aching too, and banging around on stage!

We will be in Paris for three week in January. I will write again with the records cheerio and love from Georgie (your friend who wants the photos)”

The letter is being sold by Bonhams in London



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