Film: Judy Garland’s wild final years of drugs and cruelty


Judy, who died from a drug overdose on June 22, 1969, at 47 is the subject of a new movie called “Judy,” which hits theaters Sept. 27.

The film, starring Renée Zellweger, depicts Garland’s final weeks performing a series of acclaimed concerts in London.(excerpt from New York Post)



Stevie Phillips, who began as a secretary at the New York-based Freddie Fields Associates, worked her way up to become Garland’s manager from 1961 to 1964, accompanying the singer on her cross-country concert tours and witnessing all her bizarre behavior along the way.

There was the Caribbean vacation where a nearly naked Garland serenaded rowdy longshoremen in the Bahamas with “Over the Rainbow” from her hotel balcony. The time where she broke the mirror on her makeup compact and used the shards to slice up her face. And another time that she faked passing out in her house, only to angrily jump off the hospital gurney because the paramedics were too rough, screaming, “How dare you f–king morons handle me like a f–king side of beef!”

After her regular 10 p.m. show, the buzzed star would either drag Phillips out for a night on the town that usually ended with steak and eggs at around 8 a.m. or she would keep her fatigued manager awake in the hotel room playing gin rummy until the “20 or 30 pills” she took over the course of an hour made her fall asleep.

One game night, as the drugged-up Garland retired to her bedroom, she took a few steps and abruptly passed out, falling face-first onto the corner of the glass coffee table.

The brutal tumble cut her lip; the table went through her nostril, grazed her right eye and hit her forehead. As she lay there motionless, blood pooled at her head, soaking the carpet. Phillips was in shock and feared the worst.

“I bent over in a panic to see if she was breathing, way too scared to move or even to touch her,” she wrote. “Nevertheless, I tried to take her pulse. I was so scared. I could feel nothing. I had no idea if she was dead or alive.”

During a car ride, the manager claims that she almost had a #MeToo moment — at the hands of the performer.

“Her hand began a trip from my knee, where she had placed it when the car lurched, to my crotch,” she said. “Her move wasn’t inadvertent. Judy did nothing inadvertently.”

Phillips, who was married and straight, completely froze, unable to speak. Garland’s hand was now fully groping her manager’s privates.

“The idea of being intimate with Judy revolted me. I wanted to reject her,” Phillips wrote. “Will I lose my job if I take her hand away? Will I offend her.”

Taking a breath, she grabbed Garland’s hand, placed it in the singer’s lap and smiled.

Garland moved on as if nothing untoward had happened. to read the full article click Here


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