Patti LaBelle wants her Tupperware back from Elton John


New York Fashion Week: Patti wants a husband and her Tupperware back from Elton John. LaBelle dishes on cooking for Prince, Elton John and Mick Jagger

The Godmother of Soul is 75-years-old, but she’s not given up on finding true love. (Full article on The New York Post) Patti LaBelle doesn’t want a boyfriend — she wants a husband.

“I still have time to find a husband,” LaBelle exclusively tells The Post. “I don’t want a boyfriend. I want a husband.”

LaBelle, who was married for 34 years to ex-husband Armstead Edwards, told The Post at the Zang Toi show at New York Fashion Week that she’s currently single, and while she’s not dating at the moment, that doesn’t mean men aren’t flocking to her.

The two-time Grammy winner has a sharp memory, recalling how she loved to cook for Richard Pryor, The Rolling Stones and Elton John before he made it big.

“After the show, I’d feed them. I said, ‘OK, you guys can take Tupperware packages with food in them, it’ll last you for a week,” she said.

The “Tiny Dancer” singer never returned LaBelle’s food containers and she never forgot it, admitting she was green with envy over his success.

“He called me in Philly, because he kept my number. He said, ‘Patti would you like to come to see my show tonight?’ So I said, ‘Yeah, who are you opening for?’ He said, ‘I’m not. I’m Elton John now,” she recalled. “I said, ‘You’re a liar.’”



She continued: “I was so mad that he made it before I did. So I said, ‘OK punk, where’s my Tupperware?’ I swear to God, that’s all I wanted.”

She never got the Tupperware back, but years later, Elton John made up for it after they recorded “Your Song” together in 2005.

“He took [his jewelry]off when we finished. I said, ‘Elton, here’s your jewelry,’ and he said, ‘No that ring is for you for the Tupperware that I’m never gonna give you back because I can’t get it. But you can have that diamond.’ So he gave me a ring and I still have it.”







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