Jerry Hall Tells Out on Mick Jagger and Brian Ferry


Bryan Ferry certainly wanted to marry her. Then Mick Jagger, an even bigger rock star, stole her away

He married her eventually but by then Jerry had learned that even her kind of breathtaking, smack-you-in-theface gorgeousness has its limitations. Her beauty did not protect her from Jagger’s almost pathological unfaithfulness, nor from the pain it caused her, right from the early days of her relationship.

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She would come home from modelling assignments to find things lying around which did not belong to her. “And then I’d start finding things next to the bed like earrings or a ring. It was obvious.”

By 1979, she writes: ‘Mick wasn’t touring and had too much time on his hands. He started going out a lot without me.

‘He would say he had a meeting and then call to say it was running late.’He had been linked with several girls in the gossip columns, but he denied it, of course.’ Despite the evidence, Jagger always lied about his affairs. “He denied everything to the last end

The death knell finally sounded on her marriage in 1999 when it emerged that Jagger, with whom she’d had four children, had fathered a child by another woman.

The couple met in 1977, while Jagger was still married to Bianca Pérez-Mora Macias and Hall was dating Roxy Music frontman Bryan Ferry.

Bryan was at the height of his fame when I arrived in London ahead of the shoot in summer 1975. I loved Roxy Music and thought Bryan had the most beautiful voice, heartbreakingly touching and sexy. One look at his elegant, handsome face and I forgot all about New York.


On my first night in London, he took me out to dinner in a black Jaguar with leather seats. When he shifted gears, his hand almost brushed my knees – there was a lot of chemistry between us. The album photoshoot was in Wales, where we stayed in a little seaside hotel.

After dinner, I went to bed and curled my hair for the following day’s work. I was tucked up in bed in my nightdress when Bryan knocked on my door. I let him in and got back under the covers, embarrassed.

In the summer of 1976, Mick Jagger asked me and my fiance Bryan Ferry out to dinner. Bryan was flattered by his attention, but I could also see Mick was smitten with me.

It couldn’t have been nice for Bryan. At the end of the evening, Mick brushed his leg next to mine. I felt an electric jolt.

After that Mick would turn up at our house. He was so different to Bryan; he’d be jumping around and joking, and Bryan would get edgy. Once, Mick started chasing me around a table-tennis table, trying to kiss me. Bryan came in and chased him out.

Mick began leaving messages on our answering machine, saying: ‘Hi, Bryan, let’s go out again.’ But Bryan said to me: ‘I’m never going out with him again. All he did was ogle you.’

From that moment, Mick laid siege to me, sending me flowers and getting me invited to dinners where he would be seated next to me. I was flattered. I started an affair with him on the condition that it would be over at the end of the summer when Bryan came back from his tour.

I told Mick I could only see him every other day. It was a futile attempt to protect my heart because I was falling in love with him.

Jerry Hall

Mick and I saw each other discreetly for the rest of the summer. For my 21st birthday in July, he gave me an exquisite pair of diamond hoop antique earrings.

When summer ended, we said a tearful goodbye. Bryan was due back the next day. I felt confused, but when Bryan arrived I was happy to see him. He gave me a beautiful emerald bracelet for the birthday he had missed.

Time after Brian knew the liason  and said: “Stop lying. I read about you and Mick in the papers.” He was not the forgiving type.’

I hoped I could forget about Mick and make a  fresh start with Bryan. We moved to Los Angeles, but I was terrified he would find out what I had been up to.

One night Bryan and I had dinner with Prince Rupert Loewenstein, the Rolling Stones’ financial adviser. When Bryan was out



I felt horribly torn. I missed Mick – I knew what we had wasn’t over yet. I wanted to end it with Bryan, but couldn’t bring myself to do it. I went to Paris and as soon as I saw Mick I knew I wanted to be with him. After the shows, we went to Morocco for a holiday. I told Bryan I had a modelling job.

Bryan took me leaving him badly, refusing to give back my clothes and possessions. I had left a book by the bed called The Mists Of Avalon, about druids. Bryan wrote a beautiful album called Avalon, but he never spoke to me again.








  1. I must say, that this is an incredibly stupid story that this woman told about herself. I hope these words are hers and not from any of your editors… I always knew that little bit about Jerry Hall – 80´s and 90´s super model, tall and blond, and ex-wife of Mick Jagger, which made her even more important in the world of the show-biz. What I never knew was the level of her inteligence. After reading this, I must admit that I never heard anyone talk in such an empty, stupid and immature way about a proper life and fiancees. Looks like she gave more credit to the one who gave her a more expensive diamond or a bracelet. Clearly a proof that she lived in a high-society world without many real values, and that she – still at her age right now – is very superficial. A man takes me on a ride in his new super-expensive car and accidentally strokes my leg while shifting – well thank you, anyone would be slightly impressed, but me not enough to automatically fall in love with him. But then Mick came, was acting stupid and without any respect towards her fiancee B. Ferry and that was so attractive to her, especially after receiving those jewels. She didn´t make any problem out of it, who mattered she was engaged, she quickly jumped into another bad with another man just to see what happens. That´s really cool. If I were her, I´d never say such story about my life. I´d rather stay in silence as this is clearly nothing to be proud of. Point being – money and fame can sometimes distort the reality and the real values. I´m happy to be relatively poor then 🙂

    • Hi there, thanks for your very kind and appropriate comment.
      unfortunately what you read is the flour of her own bag.
      The rutilating world of rock, glimmering life, an what so ever makes the world of stars spinning around. Unsurprisingly, she got married to Murdoch, aged far more than her own. De gustibus no disputandum est, said the ancient Romans, which means on tastes is not discussed
      thanks for writing
      have a nice time

  2. Deborah F Luper on

    yes,,she is very shallow…and now a man who is a desicated carcass …and all for money.. re: R.M.

  3. How anyone could leave the gorgeous, sexy, intelligent and elegant gentleman Mr. Ferry for a skinny troll like Jagger is beyond me, but then there’s no accounting for tastes

  4. Elizabeth K Richie on

    I concure the comment above, Bryan Ferry is way more attractive and such a gentleman! I would do almost anything just to be in his presence. I actually just recently saw him in concert and was right at the stage and he was no more then 4 feet in front of me and it was the best night of my life just being that close to him. I love him!!

  5. oh come on, have you never been young and in love? I think its very human how she felt. btw the way you judge about how she did what she did, won’t change a thing!

  6. I think she mixed up a lot more like having respect, being honest and much more of these things but what comes around goes around…. or maybe something like karma will show up in her life after all age is nothing but numbers so there’s time enough. Wish she had 1% of the good manners which mr. Ferry has on how to act with people

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