Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page Anthology has been delayed


Jimmy Page’s new book, The Anthology, has been delayed until February 2020. It was due to be on the shelves in December.

The Genesis Publications website shows that the book has been expanded since it was first announced. It was originally described as having 384 pages, but is now listed as having 400 pages.

An email sent by Genesis Publications earlier this week said that “Jimmy Page: The Anthology has been significantly enhanced and expanded to 400 pages. For subscribers who have pre-ordered, a more detailed update will follow.”



Billed as a companion piece to the rocker’s 2010 effort, “Jimmy Page By Jimmy Page”, “The Anthology” traces the rocker’s musical journey from listening to blues records with childhood friend Jeff Beck, to performing on TV in a Skiffle band; from his colossal body of session work in the Sixties, through to the Yardbirds and Led Zeppelin, and on to bands such as The Firm, Coverdale & Page and Page & Plant.

Narrated entirely in Page’s own words, the project includes contextual photography spanning six decades. Hundreds of items from Page’s private collection have been personally selected for inclusion – from iconic guitars and stage costumes, to rare posters and vinyl pressings, and from correspondence and diary entries to unseen photographs – every piece has been photographed and brought to life with exclusive new text provided by Page, placing it within the story of his legendary career.

The new limited edition book is limited to 2,500 copies, personally signed by Page, and was produced using Italian matt art 150gsm, bound with Quarter bound in black leather with gold leaf blocking and gilt page edging, and packaged in a box Felt-lined slipcase box, “inspired by the case of Jimmy Page’s first electric guitar, his 1958 Resonet Futurama.”

“I was seduced by the beauty of what a six-string instrument could do, whether it was acoustic or electric,” explains Page, “and I was never happy to stay in one style for too long. I always wanted to challenge myself.” Read more here.

 “I would have ideas of things or projects which could go ahead, but, you know, it all takes time. So, at the moment, we’ve got this book out, so that’s really brilliant. And who knows what may come further on down the line? I don’t know.”

Page also alluded that he will release new material in 2019 but didn’t offer any details. Check out the interview below.

Page also alluded that he will release new material in 2019 but didn’t offer any details. Check out the interview below.

Reel Art Press has published the official illustrated book, Led Zeppelin By Led Zeppelin, in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the band’s formation. A new video trailer can be found below, and the book can be ordered here.

Recently Jimmy Page spent some time spent in Abbey Road Studios with his seventies live rig and a music producer was for a video that will be featured in a museum exhibit next year.
Page was photographed playing a Les Paul guitar in Abbey Road Studios, and LedZepNews reported that a music producer friend of Page confirmed that the two-day session was recorded. BY: LEDZEPNEWS

Now, that music producer has said that the session was for a video that will be used in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York’s upcoming exhibition of rock music instruments, stage gear and outfits.

Perry Margouleff, a music producer and friend of Page who oversaw the session, said in a Facebook post this week that the two-day session was connected to the “Play It Loud: Instruments Of Rock And Roll” exhibition which is scheduled to open on April 8, 2019.

The exhibition will feature Page’s hand-made dragon suit, but it’s not yet confirmed if any of Page’s guitar or live amplification rig will be used.




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