Jo Wood: ‘It’s only rock’n roll’ 30 Years Married to a Rolling Stone


Jo Wood remembers: ‘Keith reached into his bag and took out a silver spoon, a bottle of pills and a lighter.

Jo. Wood was already divorced with a small child when she met Ronnie.

Also a father of a small child who was technically still married to his first wife Krissy. Basically living apart from her due to her long-term affair with Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page. (Sources: “It’sonly Rock’n’Roll: 30 years married to a Rolling Stone”wood   – Daily Mail – Huffington Post – The

Ronnie comes across in Wood’s first meeting with him at an A-list party in 1977 as charming, drunk and befuddled.

Jo Wood seems to be especially fond of Richards, who remains her close friend. Despite the fact he was shooting up the first time she met him.  Had a habit of occasionally pulling a gun or knife on people who annoyed him.

Had no hesitation in openly using drugs during Sunday dinners at her home that included her parents. Mick Jagger is described as charismatic and witty but also distant and businesslike. Bill Wyman and Charlie Watts are nice blokes who mostly lurked in the background.

Jo Wood’s revelations continue in her tell-all memoir of her time with the Rolling Stones.

She remembers: ‘Keith reached into his bag and took out a silver spoon, a bottle of pills and a lighter.

‘In a matter of seconds, he’d crushed some of the pills with a bit of water, cooked them up. Then filled a syringe and stabbed it straight through his shirt. A moment’s pause — then he looked up at me with a radiant smile. ‘Hello, my dear. I’ve heard so much about you!’”wood

She continues: ‘The three of us spent the next three days cooped up in my broom-cupboard of a hotel room, drinking and taking drugs. Only occasionally venturing out in Keith’s Bentley to get a fix or a bite to eat. Food was not a priority: you don’t have much of an appetite on coke.’

The rocker’s wife, whose marriage to Ronnie Wood ended in 2009, has revealed the first time she met Keith. Richards he stuck a drug filled syringe straight through his shirt before introducing himself.

Her book  describes a wild weekend in 1977 in Paris where Jo describes taking drugs with the two rockers.

But she adds that Keith consumed drugs so regularly it led to some shocking behaviour.
Radaronline reports Jo details a disasterous roast dinner where Keith produced a bag of cocaine ‘for dessert’ infront of her mother.

Keith has now turned sober, giving up heroin in 1978 after being caught by police five times.
It almost three dacades later when he stopped taking cocaine in 2006 because he fell out of a tree and needed surgery.

According to the 58-year-old the trouble started when the Rolling Stone agreed to join forces with Beatle Ringo Starr to help a new musician record his album.

New author: Releasing an early excerpt of her book, the former model claims she and Ronnie had to smuggle ‘smack’ laced cigarettes into Nassau

The MailOnline has sought comment from a representative for Ronnie on his ex wife’s claims.


Jo and Ronnie were married for 30 years and have two children together but the pair split after the rocker left her for a 21-year-old he had met in a club in 2008.

Ronnie went into rehab that same year and in 2009 Jo divorced him. In December Ronnie married his girlfriend of eight months, 34-year-old Sally Humphreys.




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