Watch ‘Understanding Lennon & McCartney’ – to Docufilm pt3


This is a documentary about Lennon and McCartney in the 1970s. It’s a complex and intimate story. 

To watch this docufilm. first,you have to know about  advancements in technology which have greatly enhanced our ability to compile and cross-reference research material (video, audio, bootlegs, print sources) since the events in the film occurred.

Today, we can develop a much more well-rounded story than we could in the 70s, and ALL of this information: John’s and Paul’s words, actions AND their music must be viewed holistically to get a full picture of what took place.  (source YouTube – by breathless345)

Second, it’s imperative to look at this information critically, even if -especially if- it challenges established myths and stereotypes. In the midst of a deeply emotional separation, it’s common for the people involved to spin the story in a face-saving manner. But it’s also extremely irresponsible to perpetuate a historical narrative built almost entirely on the calculated public statements of the wounded parties.

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Songs excerpted in this film: The End (BEATLES) Cold Turkey (John) Kreen-Akrore (PAUL) Don’t Let Me Down (the Beatles).

Long Haired-Lady (PAUL) When the Wind is Blowing (PAUL) Isolation (JOHN) I Found Out (JOHN) God (JOHN) Too Many People (PAUL) Paper Shoes (YOKO) How Do You Sleep (JOHN) Jealous Guy (JOHN).


Some People Never Know (PAUL) Dear Friend (PAUL) Luck of the Irish (JOHN and YOKO) Best Friend (PAUL) Come Together (JOHN) Hi Hi Hi (PAUL) My Love (PAUL) Live and Let Die (PAUL).

Single Pigeon (PAUL) Tomorrow (PAUL) Little Lamb/Dragonfly (PAUL) I Know I Know (JOHN) Be My Baby (JOHN) Let Me Roll it (PAUL) BOTR/Helen Wheels/Bluebird (PAUL).

Nineteen Hundred Eighty Five (PAUL) Whatever Gets You Thru (JOHN) Bless You (JOHN) Beef Jerky (JOHN) #9 Dream (JOHN) I Saw Her Standing There (JOHN) Stand By Me (JOHN).

Venus and Mars (PAUL) Don’t Let it Bring You Down (PAUL) Silly Love Songs (PAUL) Call Me Back Again (PAUL) Let Em In (PAUL) Listen to What the Man Said (PAUL) Now and Then (JOHN) Real Love (JOHN)



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