Mark Knopfler to Host ‘The British Grove Broadcast’


Mark Knopfler to Host New Sirius XM Show ‘The British Grove Broadcast’

Mark Knopfler is bringing his fans on a journey of music discovery by hosting a new Sirius XM show, The British Grove Broadcast, the broadcasting company announced Tuesday (Feb. 25).

The songwriter and producer will air his one-hour weekly show from his British Grove Studios in West London, where he will play some of his favorite songs from his personal record collection, which includes genres from early roots, blues and rock n’ roll to newcomers.

During a recent conversation with Music Radar, Dire Straits frontman Mark Knopfler remembered the transition from being a gigging guitarist to reaching worldwide fame with 1978’s Sultans of Swing,” saying:

‘Sultans of Swing’ Was No. 1 All Over the World, But I Didn’t Get Any Money From It for Ages.”It slowly edges up to where you get a reasonable royalty,”


“It [the success]was probably fast by a lot of other people’s standards, but I felt as though I had been working all my life towards it. I was 28 when ‘Sultans’ broke – when that first album [1978’s ‘Dire Straits’] burst open all ‘round the world.

“We were still living in Deptford, and with the record deals back then when you first signed, they wouldn’t give you any money for 18 months. I think they’re still like that today, actually.

“So it was No. 1 all over the world, but I didn’t get any money from it for ages, and we were still living there for a good while. But I managed to move up the road after a

“All those deals get renegotiated, in return for which you give them more albums, that’s how it works. And it slowly edges up to where you get a reasonable royalty.”

“I know plenty of musicians who have never unloaded a lorry and I think, ‘I’m sorry for them, because if you’ve never really done anything like that then you don’t really know what it’s about.’ What people are thinking, all the rest of it.

  “My songs are made to be performed live,’ notes Knopfler. ‘I love the whole process of writing them alone and then recording them with the band, but ultimately the best part is playing them to an audience live. I enjoy the whole circus, travelling from town to town and interacting with this group of players is a total pleasure. I’m really looking forward to it.’

Mark Knopfler, is out  with the 9yh solo album Down The Road Wherever’

Recorded by Knopfler at British Grove—his West London studio—Down The Road Wherever features 14 new songs inspired by a wide range of subjects, including Knopfler’s early days in Deptford with Dire Straits, a stray soccer fan lost in a strange town, the compulsion of a musician hitching home through the snow and a man out of time in his local greasy spoon diner.



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