Paul McCartney headline Glastonbury 27 June and new tour


According to NME Paul McCartney has  confirmed that he will headline Glastonbury Saturday 27 June next year, after sharing a cryptic clue on his Twitter account.

The Beatles icon shared an image of American composer Philip Glass, actress Emma Stone and rock legend Chuck Berry. When the surnames of all three are combined, the not-so-subtle clue of “Glass-Stone-Bury” is provided.

Paul McCartney returns to Italy

L'annuncio che volevamo darvi da tanto tempo!!Ci vediamo domani alle 12 per conoscere i luoghi e le date dei concerti….

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The continuation of the “Freshen Up Tour” by Paul McCartney will also stop in Italy, of which no details are known yet except that “Paul McCartney is back”, as stated in the video that the former Beatles shared on his social networks a couple of hours ago and that sees him greet the crowd from the top of a stage. Macca will performs also in Lille, Parigi, Bordeaux e Lione.


It ends months of speculation surrounding a headline slot for Macca at Glastonbury’s fiftieth anniversary next year.

In April, founder Michael Eavis seemingly let slip that McCartney would be coming to Glastonbury, “Hopefully for the 50th. Don’t make a big thing of it though, will you?” he told the BBC.

McCartney himself later admitted that a headline slot was a “distinct possibility”.

“My kids are saying ‘Dad we’ve got to talk about Glastonbury’ and I think I know what they mean,” he told Zoe Ball’s Breakfast Show in September.

“So they go every year, like a lot of people these days, and it is a great festival and we played there quite a long time ago so, maybe it is time to go back, I don’t know, I’d have to put a few things in place and try and do that but it’s starting to become some sort of remote possibility.


“I imagined him as a sort of eccentric old guy.

“He’s got a grey beard, a little bit of a ponytail, so he’s a little bit groovy. He has a little hat and a bow tie.

“And he has this magic compass so when he rubs that you can go anywhere.”

The book’s fictional family take off on a whirlwind magical mystery tour. They ride horses with a cowboy in the desert, face an army of crabs on a tropical beach and dodge an avalanche while having a picnic up a mountain.

“Grandude isn’t supposed to be me,” McCartney is keen to clarify. “Because he’s magic and I’m not.”

Still, there are similarities. For one thing, they both entertain the grandkids by playing the guitar.

McCartney describes one night when the two youngest members of the clan were going to bed and he played them the classic Beatles ballad Blackbird.

“They were like, ‘That’s nice’. It’s not like some famous guy doing Blackbird. It’s just Grandad. Right now it’s the big family hit.”

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See the compass needle spin, let the magic fun begin!

Zing, bang, sizzle ✨My book ‘Hey Grandude!’ is published today! See the compass needle spin, let the magic fun begin!

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 The picture book is set to be illustrated by Kathryn Durst, who said she was “thrilled” to work on the project. “I have wonderful childhood memories of my dad taking my siblings and me on exciting adventures, just like Grandude does in the book.”

McCartney is the latest in a line of musicians to venture in to children’s publishing, with fellow former Beatle Ringo Starr and Rolling Stone Keith Richards also having released picture books with varying degrees of success.

McCartney has previously put his name to children’s books before: he teamed up with author Philip Ardagh and illustrator Geoff Dunbar in 2005 to produce the ecological picture book High in the Clouds, which followed a squirrel called Wirral and his attempts to win back his woodlands from developers.

Hey Grandude will be published in September 2019. All the info can be found on Paul  McCartney official web site and social network  account.




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