Memoir of Pink Floyd Manager Brian Morrison- book


Recently-discovered memoir of music impresario Bryan Morrison, the man who represented Pink Floyd, T Rex, The Jam and Wham! 

the recently-discovered memoir of music impresario Bryan Morrison, the man who represented Pink Floyd, T Rex, The Jam and Wham!.Immagine correlata

M.d. Andrew Johnston acquired world rights direct from Morrison’s son Jamie for Have A Cigar! It will be published late in September 2019.

Morrison began his music career managing R&B group, the Pretty Things, going on to become one of the leading music agents in London and managing Pink Floyd. The “candid and outspoken” memoir was found after his death at the age of 66 in 2008, following a polo accident that life him in a two-year coma.

Wife Greta Morrison

Siobhan Barney

Bryan’s mistress Siobhan Barney

Pink Floyd manager Bryan Morrison had lain in a coma for two years after a polo accident, had grown to understand the delicate manoeuvrings surrounding his complicated domestic situation.They learned very quickly to accommodate the two women vying for the position as Mr Morrison’s official partner and even helped to choreograph their respective bedside vigils. Mr Morrison divided his time between his wife and his lover for more than four years.

Its synopsis states: “Morrison reveals the true stories behind why Syd Barrett of Pink Floyd once bit his finger to the bone, the Pretty Things were banned for life from New Zealand, and he became involved with the Kray Twins. He also tells how The Jam kissed goodbye to success in the USA, he received death threats when Robin Gibb left the Bee Gees and signing a publishing deal with George Michael and Andrew Ridgeley as Wham! Spanning the golden age of British rock ’n’ roll from the 60s to the 80s, this is the extraordinary story of a cigar-chomping, East End entrepreneur, with a passion for art and design, fashion, music and polo.”

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Johnston said: “I am delighted top have secured this fascinating and revealing auto biography by Bryan Morrison which captures the atmosphere and excitement of the early days of the UK music industry, covering the discovery of Pink Floyd in Soho to the signing of many classic bands, via mixing with the Krays and the high life in London at that time. With Pink Floyd having over 25 million Facebook followers alone, this book will have very wide appeal across all age ranges and is a fascinating and unseen addition to British rock music history.”

Meantime is already out Pink Floyd’s Publication  spanning more than half a decade Pink Floyd has rightly earned its place as one of the greatest rock bands of all time.
From the early, experimental and often whimsical days with band leader Syd Barrett to the more expansive style with Dave Gilmour onboard, leading to the masterpiece Dark Side Of The Moon that elevated Floyd into the stratosphere.
But success came at a price as personal relationships suffered, culminating in break-ups as eventually Roger Waters departed. But stadiums and huge arenas continued to welcome Floyd through the eighties and nineties with a brief reunion with Waters for 2005’s Live 8 event.  

Captured Through Time is a photographic celebration of this truly iconic band that takes you on a journey from the psychedelic, avant-garde sixties to the present day including off stage shots of all band members during the 2000s including Syd Barrett!

Many of the photos have never been published in print before, including a sequence of shots from the Animals tour in 1977 that have only just been developed from the original negatives and digitally restored for this publication.
In total, over 100 glorious images of Floyd both on and off stage through the decades are included in this large format hardback book. Housed in a bespoke, custom-made, buckram presentation box with holographic block foil, it also includes 3 prints, ideal for framing and is strictly limited to 500 worldwide.


Talking to Rolling Stone about ‘Bike’, one of his favourite Barrett-penned songs, Mason said: “The lyrics to this are so very Syd, astonishingly clever.

“It’s fun, but there’s a depth of sadness to them. When I listen to it now, I realise how young and immature we were and how hopeless we were at coming to grips with Syd’s breakdown.”

Mason continued: “So many songs were written by Syd in such a short time period. It was less than two years from out first public show in October of 1967.


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