Rare Bob Dylan release planned for Record Store Day 2019


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Months before Bob Dylan released Blood On The Tracks in early 1975, a small number of test pressings were circulated for Dylan to play to his friends and family. The pressing, consisting entirely of material from sessions at A&R Recording Studios in New York City, later saw Dylan re-record five of these tracks in Minneapolis for inclusion on the final album.Of the five test pressings that survived, the original records were soon bootlegged, and the alternate history of one of Dylan’s most acclaimed works was born. The Record Store Day release, Blood on the Tracks: Original New York Test Pressing, is an exact duplicate of the test pressing, containing unique mixes from the New York session, available commercially for the first time.Nessuna descrizione della foto disponibile.

On top of the Dylan release, Record Store Day has released a whole list of new releases which includes Courtney Barnett, Jeff Buckley, Joe Strummer and more.

Find the full list for the UK Record Store Day, here.

Bob Dylan’s The collection will include everything from the first recording session of his 1975 album, Blood on the Tracks.

The 14th volume of Bob Dylan’s bootleg series won’t settle one of the most persistent debates about his recording career. But it will allow fans to decide for themselves.

Dylan’s 1975 album Blood on the Tracks is considered a milestone, a torrent of words and images thought to be inspired by the breakup of his marriage, although he insists the stories he was reading at the time had more to do with it. The Nobel prize committee likely had it in mind when giving Dylan its 2016 award for literature.

The deluxe edition will include every recording from the famed “New York Sessions,” including studio commentary, and the most basic versions of hits like “Tangled Up in Blue,” and “Idiot Wind,” both of which appeared in their final form on Blood on the Tracks. The deluxe version will also include a replica of one of Dylan’s notebooks from his golden era.

In an interview with The New Yorker, Luca Guadagnino said that a producer on Call Me By Your Name acquired the film rights to Bob Dylan’s 1975 record, Blood on the Tracks, and asked the director if he wanted to make a movie based off of it.

Guadagnino agreed, only if Richard LaGravenese wrote it.”Somehow, the moon shot landed,” he said.

“LaGravenese cleared his schedule and, between April and July, hunkered down to produce a hundred-and-eighty-eight-page screenplay following characters through a multiyear story.


Set in the seventies, that he and Guadagnino had invented, drawing on the album’s central themes. ‘When they’re repressing, we dramatize the repression, and what that does to them,’ LaGravenese says. ‘And we dramatize what happens when you let your passions take over too much.’

More Tracks, More Blood will be comprised of 6 discs, and will also be released as a condensed single CD and a double LP set.



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