Paul McCartney calls the Italian astronaut on the ISS -video


The former Beatles shared a short clip on social media that testifies to the video conversation

What will Paul McCartney and Luca Parmitano ever got say to each other? Apparently the strange couple has a lot to talk about, especially about coffee, a drink that both love very much. The former Beatles shared on Twitter a testimony of the chat between him and the Italian astronaut, which took place via video call.

As is known, Parmitano left last July to reach the International Space Station, where he will remain for six months to carry out various types of scientific experiments in space. It was from there that he spoke with McCartney: their conversation moved to coffee because the astronaut showed the musician his hyper-technological machine and also the strange effects that the absence of gravity has on hot drinks, such as the coffee bubbles that end up floating in the surrounding environment. All this surprised the former Beatles who he observed with great interest.


“I know you Brits prefer tea – Parmitano joked – but I’m Italian and so I drink coffee”. Actually, McCartney revealed that he also loves this drink: “I like coffee too – he replied – you’re making me want to drink a cup … now I’m going to prepare it for myself”. “Yes, please, do it – Parmitano replied, joking – so then I’ll be able to tell everyone that I had a coffee with Paul McCartney, it’s a story I would then tell for the rest of my life”. But even for the musician it would not be a little experience: “Today at work I told everyone that I would be late because I had to talk to an Italian astronaut who is in space and no one seemed to believe me – said the former Beatles – so I too would have a good story to tell. ”



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