Rock Stars and Some Mysterious Curses


  Rock stars seem to have drawn to themselves an extraordinarily impressive number of strange stories and odd legends. Brent Swancer

Among the many, myriad tales of rock star madness and weirdness are those bands and musicians who seem to have been cursed by some evil, dark force that haunted them and clung to them to bring about misery, tragedy, and dire misfortune.

A rather sinister curse apparently long menaced the legendary English rock group Led Zeppelin, Guitarist Jimmy Page’s obsession with the occult, The legend goes that Page somehow convinced the rest of the group that all of his mystic beliefs were real, and managed to get them to engage in an arcane ritual with the purpose of selling their souls to the Devil gain stardom

Fleetwood Mac. The group has also become rather known over the years for its spooky string of bad fortune that seems to target all of their guitarists.

The first guitarist to suffer from the “curse” was the one who actually started the band in the first place, Peter Green, who already had a history of substance abuse, in particular heavy usage of LSD,   By 1969, Green  growing a beard, wearing flowing robes, and going around proclaiming that he was Jesus,   After this unfortunate episode, his mental health diminished dramatically, he left the group, and was eventually diagnosed with severe schizophrenia, which would cause him to be institutionalized.

Brian Wilson wasn’t the most conventional of pop stars (still isn’t), but he had an ear for a tune to rival Mozart’s. When he heard Sgt Pepper, he was so depressed that he went to bed for three years.

Jimi Hendrix

He never would have become a musician without them. Before he was a star, Hendrix was in the military. He got kicked out, though, partly because of drugs—his commanding officer caught him in the latrine, smoking pot and masturbating on duty.



After living the army, Hendrix became a rock star, and his drug addictions got bigger. At one point, in the late 1960s, that drug problem got him kidnapped. He was walking down the streets looking for dope and met a group of boys who promised they had some at their house. Hendrix went with them, but when he got there they locked them in a room and called his manager demanding ransom money.

Hendrix’s manager, though, sent a mob enforced named Joe Roberts after them anyway. Roberts scared the kids into letting Hendrix go and then gave them, in his words, “a beating they would never forget.”

Hendrix, though, didn’t seem phased. Roberts said, “Jimi was so stoned, he probably didn’t even know he was ever kidnapped.”

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In 1987 while Mötley Crüe was touring with Guns’n’Roses, Nikki Sixx decided to shoot up some heroin with Slash after a show. Trouble is, drunk rock stars have a problem with restraint and Sixx promptly overdosed and clinically died in Slash’s hotel room shower. Luckily for him, two shots of adrenaline to the heart revived him and  Sixx escaped the ambulance to go home and do more heroin. Because that’s what rock stars’ do!

Phil Spector, genius, madman, and eventually a killer. He made some of the lushest sounding rock ‘n’ roll records using some bizarre methods of getting the most out of his musicians. While working with the Ramones, he made them play one chord over and over for eight hours, and when they tried to leave the studio he pulled a gun on them and made them play the Ronettes’ hit ‘Baby, I Love You’!

David Bowie

At an after-show party in 1974, he disappeared into a closet with Bette Midler and Mick Jagger.  Tour manager Tony Zanetta recalled: “The three of them  spent the whole party in there, doing coke. And I’d be very surprised if he didn’t have Bette Midler then, or at one time or another.”
Keith Richards

Richards wrote in his memoir, referring to the ultrapure pharmaceutically manufactured form of the drug. “It was when we initiated the building of hideaways behind the speakers on the stage so that we could have lines between songs. One song, one bump was the rule between Ronnie and me.” Richards also had a supply of heroin that was cut into lines and hidden amid the amplifiers, along with heroin-laced cigarettes — or “dirty fags,” as they were known. Things went fairly smoothly until Richards and his cocaine supplier, on a detour to get some good barbecue, were arrested in Arkansas. But they called in some favors, paid a $162 bail and were soon back on the road.


Keith Moon

Keith had set to have a big birthday party, instigated by a banner hanging in front all’Holyday Inn saying “Happy 21° Birthday  Keith Moon” He performed it actually only 20.

When I came down in the party room the cake was squashed all  over the floor, on the walls, on the face of Keith. In the pool a Lincoln Continental was in precarious balance between the water and the edge. After they told me that Keith had removed the handbrake and the vehicle had started by itself towards the pool.As I tried to return it to the room Keith gave in outburst, a young man approached and asked for an autograph. He then gave him against a lamp hitting the head. Keith even managed to break the teeth slipping as he was running in the hall  with cake on the floor and was not arrested just because we took him secretly to a dentist. After that night The Who were banned for life from the Holiday Inn.



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