Rolling Stone: Life and Death of Brian Jones: the trailer


New documentary Rolling Stone: Life and Death of Brian Jones adds another twist in the story of the death of the Stones guitarist

Rolling Stone: Life and Death of Brian Jones, a new documentary by Spanish director Danny Garcia, makes a case that Jones was actually murdered.

The film receives its U.S. premiere on Sunday evening, January 12, at the Regent Theater in downtown Los Angeles. Rumors about foul play involving Jones’ death have circulated since the night he died, but the more credible hypotheses have often been overshadowed by ridiculous conspiracy theories. (laweekly)


“He’s like rock & roll’s JFK — one of them, anyway,” Garcia, 49, says by phone from Costa Brava in an interview.

In the film, Garcia addresses (and quickly debunks) theories that Jones was murdered by Allen Klein, the Stones’ ruthless and not-always-ethical manager at the time, or at the instruction of the band themselves (who seemingly had no practical motive to have Jones killed after firing him from the group a month before his death).


Garcia relies instead on research and discoveries made by British journalist Scott Jones (no relation to Brian), who engaged in an extensive investigation over the past decade, tracking down witnesses who were at Cotchford Farm and delving into police files at the National Archives of the U.K.

Garcia’s film is hardly definitive, as it basically rehashes the work of Scott Jones and various reports in the British press about his findings that came out years ago. Several other films about Brian Jones’ life are reportedly in the works, but Garcia’s low-budget film bears the distinction, at least, of being the first documentary to get released, after its world premiere in London in Decemberjones

Another film on Brian Jones has been released on July 2019 “Murder of a Rolling Stones” 

Bored with playing rhythm guitar on Jagger/Richards compositions, Jones had reinvented himself as a nimble multi-instrumentalist, intuitively adding a pallet of exotic sounds to the mix, from the sitar that helped catapult “Paint It, Black” (the lead-off single from Aftermath in the U.S.) to No. 1, to playing a delicate Appalachian dulcimer on “Lady Jane” (undoubtedly inspired by folk singer/author Richard Farina).

Screenings have been organised on the following dates.

Feb 27: Chicago Music Box Theater, IL (Q&A with Barbara Anne Marion, daughter of Brian Jones)
Feb 28: Brooklyn Film Noir, NY
Feb 29: Montevideo Cine Universitario, Uruguay
Mar 08: Birmingham The Electric, UK
Mar 12: Birmingham The Electric, UK
Mar 12: Buenos Aires Strummer, UK
Apr 04: Hastings Electric Palace Cinema, UK
Apr 08: Minneapolis Trylon Cinema, MN



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