Rolling Stones’ Beggars Banquet: Michael Joseph’s interview


Michael Joseph,the photographer of BerggarsBanquet opens to the memories and the background of the famous photo shoot

When I told the caretaker of the house the Stones were a bit wild, he asked if there would be any naked ladies – because they charged £10 extra for that- excerpt from the Guardian, to read the full article read here


Guitarist Keith Richards with German actress Uschi Obermaier during the Rolling Stones Tour of the Americas, 1975. (Photo by Christopher Simon Sykes/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)


There are two shooting that in 1968 saw Mick Jagger and members being immortalized by photographer Michael Joseph in the villa of Sarum Chase Castle, in the northern area of ​​London, once belonged to the Tudor, and in front of the ruins of the Swarkestone Hall Pavilion.

I was known for doing group scenes – a shoot with up to 50 people became known as a “Michael Joseph” in the business – and my early shot of a boardroom for a White Horse whisky ad in 1965 had been used as a giant poster all over England. That was what got me the Beggars Banquet job. The shoot location was wonderful, up in Sarum Chase, in Hampstead, north London, where Frank O Salisbury, the Victorian society painter, had lived and worked.

The caretaker there – a very careful, grey-haired man – said: “So this is for the Rolling Stones?” I said: “Yes, I’m afraid they’re a bit wild.” He said: “No, that’s not a problem. But I’m a bit worried. Will there be any naked ladies?” And I said: “No, it’ll just be the band. Why, what’s the problem with naked ladies?” And he told me: “Well, for naked ladies, we charge £10 extra.

”The Stones arrived punctually. They were impressed with my lighting setup, and this fantastic, beautiful room. I was already there, talking through a megaphone to the goats, dogs and all the other animals we had for the shoot, getting them to understand what it was all about. I was good with animals and they behaved very nicely. Most of the feast on the table was prop food, but luckily, I’d put down a bowl of real cherries, and the goat was munching away on those. There were some cats knocking around the set, too, and they didn’t seem to be put off by 20,000 joules of light flashing away.

I put Keith Richards in the centre of the photo because he was the best-looking and the youngest. Bill Wyman, not so good-looking, so we put him further back. On the right, Brian Jones was very happy playing with a labrador. Charlie Watts was chatting up the stuffed monkey that’s on the table. Mick was happy to be centre-stage, standing on the table, cuddling some of the animals. There were other shots from this session where he’s holding a baby eagle, but then he got bored with that. – keep reading here

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