Keith Richards on The Stones’ 60th anniversary: “The plans are to all be alive”


Keith has also reflected on his own mortality, saying: “I’ll croak when I croak”

Keith Richards has spoken about The Rolling Stones’ upcoming 60th anniversary, saying that “the plans are to still actually all be alive” by the time the milestone comes around. Keith wants the Stones to keep rolling on and on despite their combined age (Source: NME – GQ)


The veteran band are set to celebrate 60 years together in 2022, having formed as The Rolling Stones in 1962. Richards was asked in a new interview with GQ about whether the Stones had formulated any plans for their 60th anniversary yet, to which he replied: “Well, the plans are to still actually all be alive.”

“Apart from that, at our age, I don’t know. I haven’t heard of any plans, but I’m sure there are things being made,” the 76-year-old continued.

Richards also reflected on his own mortality in the interview, saying that “every day is a pleasure”.“I mean, I don’t wish to defy anybody’s predictions and I’m really not interested in them,” he added in reference to the interviewer’s observation that “people have been wondering in interviews when you’re going to die for the last 50 years”.

“But I’ll croak when I croak and everybody will know.”

“First off, I’m going to get through this year and see how we handle next year. Because I think at the moment, there are more problems than a Rolling Stones celebration. Although I’m very glad that we’re all here, but I’ll leave it at that if I can.”

Keith Richards has admitted the iconic band may need to scrap the idea of making new albums for the time being and instead focus their attention on just releasing individual tracks.

The band recently released the video for their track ‘Scarlet’, which starred ‘Normal People’ actor Paul Mescal.

And despite the uncertainty caused by the pandemic, Sir Mick Jagger is already working on more new material.

He shared: ”I was working on this ballad. The reading of it is quite difficult to do. It’s not technically difficult, but it’s not an easy song to interpret.”


Jo Wood

Jo Wood, 63 – ex-wife of Keith’s bandmate Ronnie Wood, 71 – is pals with Richards and his wife Patti Hansen, 62.

She explained: “I went to see Patti and Keith last weekend down at their home, Redlands. He is doing so well.

“Keith enjoyed their tour. You know what he is like? He’s a pirate, ain’t he? I love it. He wants to do more. You know what he is like.”on


Keith’s plans to continue touring will come as a huge relief to Stones fans who were left reeling earlier this year when drummer Charlie Watts, 77, said he “wouldn’t mind” if the band split up. It seemed the rockers who gave us Never Stop might actually call it a day.

But then frontman Sir Mick Jagger,  played down reports that their touring days were over. He said: “There is going to come a point when we don’t want to do it any more, but I’m not thinking about that this summer.”



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