The New Who Album Recording Day 3: Pete at B.G. Studios


 Pete Townshend has released videos and photos of the first recording day  of the who’s new album at British Groove Studios.

So as Rachel’s Animal Requiem storms the classical charts here in the UK, we labour to make sure the next Who album gets at least as much interest. They say now that most people only listen to the first two to five seconds of a track online before they move on. It has to connect very quickly. So one way to connect is to use an old sample of something everyone already knows. So every one of the tracks on the next album starts with the guitar from ‘Pinball Wizard’.

Townshend acknowledges that he and Daltrey frequently consider performing relatively obscure songs from albums like The Who Sell Out and The Who by Numbers, but rarely end up doing so. (Rolling Stone)

“We are very tempted and we rehearse them often,” Townshend tells Greene. “A few years ago we rehearsed 45 songs and when it got to actually doing the shows, we tried to play them.

The fans like it, but funnily enough a lot of the people who come to see The Who now aren’t hard core fans; they don’t know the music that well.

We’ve got a busy year ahead, but it’s a lot of fun,” Townshend tells Billboard. “It’s all play. The studio stuff and the music stuff, that’s what I love to do. I’m kind of tickled by what we’ve taken on here. We shall see what happens.”

After starting a Who sabbatical back in Oct. 2017, Townshend’s pre-condition for a tour was “only if we had a new album out.” That put into motion a chain of events that led to him writing new music concurrently with a tour being negotiated with Live Nation, and waiting to hear back from Daltrey. “It was all a bit whirlwind,” the guitarist reports, and it wound up cutting quite close to the last minute.
pete townshend new release

“The (tour) contract was signed literally just before Christmas, and the album (contract) was signed just after Christmas,” Townshend says. “Roger hadn’t had a chance to listen (to the new songs) properly because he had an ear infection, so it was holding, holding, holding, holding. I really didn’t think we were going to be able to do the tour or make the album, to be honest. We went up to the wire, and it was a bit tense for awhile.” “Quite a few people that heard my demos said, ‘What’s great about these demos, Pete, is they do sound like you but they also sound new,’ so hopefully that’s what we’ll achieve.”


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