Top Insane Conspiracy Theories About Music Stars


It seems that celebrities can’t do anything without the world thinking there is some sinister meaning behind it.

For some reason, the conspiracy theories seem to be more rampant and weird when it comes to the music industry. On this list are some of the craziest conspiracy theories floating around the Internet.

Prince’s Death Predicted By The Simpsons



When Prince died in April 2016, the world was in shock. Unfortunately, it didn’t take long for crazy rumors surrounding his death to start making the rounds. One crazy theory is that the TV show The Simpsons predicted the singer’s death eight years earlier.

An episode featuring Homer Simpson murdering Prince with his own guitar has been taken as a foreshadowing of the star’s death. Another theory has it that Prince also predicted his own death at the hands of the Illuminati because he posted a picture on Instagram shortly before he died with the following caption: “Just When U Thought U Were Safe.”

  George Michael Was An Illuminati Sacrifice



The news broke in the early hours of December 26, 2016, that singer George Michael had died in his sleep on Christmas Day. While grieving commenced around the world, a conspiracy theory also immediately reared its head.

While it is now clear that Michael passed away due to heart failure, a theory has it that he was in fact sacrificed by the Illuminati or died from an overdose. There is already a YouTube video making the rounds “explaining” the theory.

Even more disturbing and sad is the speculation that the singer may have died from AIDS despite all reputable news sources stating his actual cause of death. In the meantime, police have confirmed that the circumstances surrounding the singer’s death are not being treated as suspicious.

Lady Gaga Is A Killer


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Just like Taylor Swift and Beyonce, Lady Gaga has a number of sinister rumors surrounding her and her career. The latest one must surely be the darkest to date. Conspiracy theorists believe that Lady Gaga will not tolerate any kind of rivalry when it comes to releasing music, so she murders those who attempt a little friendly competition and then steals their music.

It is alleged that Gaga pushed musician Lina Morgana off a building in 2008 and then stole Morgana’s musical identity to launch her own career. It is also claimed that Gaga has placed subliminal messages alluding to the murder in her music videos. For instance, a newspaper in a Gaga video appears with the line, “Lady No More Gaga.” The words “More Gaga” are so close to “Morgana” that it has to be a clue.

Taylor Swift Is A Clone



Taylor Swift probably has as many conspiracy theories surrounding her as she has hit songs. The latest one to hit the Internet is possibly the most bizarre of the lot. It claims that not only does Swift have a link to satanic leader Zeena LaVey but also that Swift is actually LaVey’s clone.

The creepy resemblance between Swift and LaVey is the fuel for the Internet fire. It is claimed that the Illuminati took LaVey out and replaced her with Swift. LaVey’s father was the founder of the satanic church, and she was given the position of high priestess at the church. She left this position in 1990 and was replaced at some point.

Oh, and Donald Trump becoming president means Swift can finally reveal that she is a Nazi and talk publicly about her still-secret Aryan agenda

Sia Has Been Kidnapped


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In 2016, #SaveSia became a trend when some of Sia’s fans became convinced that the star had been kidnapped by Beyonce. It all started when Sia made a seemingly innocent comment in an article that working with Beyonce was like being at a writing camp.

Somehow, fans were convinced that this meant Beyonce had kidnapped Sia, was holding her captive in a dungeon, and was forcing her to write songs. One person on Twitter even tweeted the FBI’s Seattle office to help Sia. Others ranted against Beyonce, demanding that she let Sia go.

Another part of this insane theory has it that Sia wears those massive wigs of hers to cover up the bruises caused by Beyonce hitting her


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