Twisted Sister Guitarist Says Rolling Stones ‘Can’t F*****g Play’


 Watching Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood trying to play guitar is like being driven in a tour bus by José Feliciano and Ray Charles without GPS — it’s a terrifying f*****g experience.”

Jay jay French during an interview he gave to  shoot heavily on Rock icons. During a Q&A session on Spooky Empire convention, Twisted Sister guitarist Jay Jay French had some pretty interesting comments about bands that are continuing to play despite their old age. He said (via Blabbermouth)

If The Stones were smart, they’d hire two 25-year-old guys from Nashville who know how to play their song parts and let these two cadavers walk around on stage and fucking act like Johnny Depp in fucking ‘Pirates Of The Caribbean’. They can’t fucking play.

“And it bothers me they charge eight hundred dollars [for a ticket]. At least when you go to see The Eagles, there’s 45 guys on stage, ’cause you want the [band]to sound like The Eagles. And when you see go see Roger Waters, there’s 45 guys on stage, ’cause you wanna hear what ‘The Wall’ sounds like. But The Stones insist that you watch them decompose in front of your eyes for a high ticket price. And they suck so bad.

“I get annoyed only because we work so hard to be perfect every night,” he continued. “And I watched them. I’ve been a Stones fan, by the way, all my life and saw them at the peak of their fucking life — in ’69, ’70, ’71, ’72. They were arguably the greatest rock band on the planet earth. And there’s a DVD, ‘Ladies And Gentlemen: The Rolling Stones’, which you can watch. Why are they happy sounding so bad when you’ve got this?

“You guys don’t even know that [Led] Zeppelin was deteriorating so badly that by 1975, you couldn’t go to a Zep concert without throwing up. They were so bad! You couldn’t give tickets away to Zep concerts, but if you came to see Zebra playing Zeppelin on Long Island, you heard perfect Zeppelin — perfect Led Zeppelin. If you saw Rat Race Choir, you saw perfect Pink Floyd, you saw perfect Emerson, Lake & Palmer.




  1. Yea maybe these days .thousands of better players..but in their wildest dreams twisted sister couldn’t begin to write anything that comes close to a Stones song….

  2. The answer is easier than this guy suggests, and that is to bring back Mick Taylor to the stage. Problem solved. You don’t need an unknown outsider, someone who could never capture Taylor’s sound or Taylor’s playing finesse, anyway.

    • scott feighner on

      Danshaf has a point. One of the high points during the 50th Anniversary tour was when Mick Taylor was brought out to the stage to play one or two songs with the band. A highlight of the shows, but a waste of Mr. Taylors talents.

  3. Chill, Mr. French! Nobody is being forced to buy tickets. The market will dictate what the Stones–or any other group–will charge to see their shows. Those who choose not to pay high prices do not have to go. I don’t think anyone would argue the fact that the Stones are not packing what they once did on stage, but what is the harm in showing appreciation for a band that has been together as long as they have?

  4. I’m a big stonesfan but I know what he means.
    I don’t attend any stones gigs anymore, indeed very high ticket prices, Keith hardly touching his guitar. Ron Wood never liked him as a guitar player to be honest except for the 1975 ‘76 tour.
    They should have retired gracefully.
    On the other hand, if people want To see them now, by all means!
    I hope they enjoy themselves.

  5. Hey buddy keep your opinion to yourself people pay to see them not like the band your in lay the bank accounts how many millions of albums have they sold how bout yourself

  6. Twisted Sister the one hit wonder we’re not going to take it little hard to take any comments serious from such a little to no talent talk to me when you have rocked this world as long as the Rolling Stones have

  7. Yea what a pity that Jagger & Richards Ego’s are so huge, what a treat for the Stones Fans if Taylor was asked to play live with the Band, it would value add to what is a “shallow sound”.

  8. Chris Walters on

    Ys because the one finger guitar solo on “We’re Not Gonna Take IT” is high art? Have fun on the county fair circuit. Seriously who is this bozo?

  9. That’s rich coming from a guitarist for a washed up two bit long island club band. The Good Rats used to shit on twisted sister. This guy couldn’t get a job keeping Keef or Ronnie’s guitars tuned. Why give him a forum for his unearned over-sized ego. Honestly, what balls!

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