Richard Wright -Roger Waters reflects on former bandmate


Roger Waters admits on: Richard Wright’s death didn’t alter his opinion of his late Pink Floyd bandmate: ‘It didn’t change how I feel about him’.

 Wright born on 28 of July 1943, Hatch End, Pinner, UK.  Dead : 15 september  2008, London. Pink Floyd songwriter Roger Waters has reflected on the acrimonious relationship between himself and keyboard player Richard Wright according with Daily Mail Australia.  where In Melbourne, Roger Waters sat down for a Q&A for the Australia Palestine Advocacy Network (APAN).

During his talk for APAN Waters called Thom Yorke “a self-obsessed, narcissistic, drippy little prick” and Elton John ‘Queen Mum’. He also called out Nick Cave for saying he was bullying him, said “fuck you” to Steve Van Zandt and referred to Steven Tyler as “an old lady”.

With Pink Floyd’s in-fighting well known in the annals of rock and roll, Roger and guitarist David Gilmour famously fired Richard during the recording of their seminal album The Wall in 1979.

‘The band has a famous history of bust-ups and of course there’s that bust-up between you and Rick Wright who’s recently passed away. How do you reflect on him now’s all over?’ Waleed asked Roger.

Reflecting on the question, Roger replied: ‘We spent quite a lot of time together sort of working but we were never really together.

‘We were on kind of parallel tracks for a while – fellow travellers with goals in common.’

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Wright ex wife Franka

Pushing the issue, Waleed asked Roger if Richard’s death had made him view the relationship in a different light.

‘No, it didn’t change how I feel about him,’ Roger replied. ‘He was super important to all that work we did together.’


Talking about how he is liberated as a solo artist, Roger said that David Gilmour and the late Richard Wright thwarted him musically and constantly put him down.on

“I always felt insignificant and somewhat inept (in Pink Floyd),” Roger said. “More recently, over the years, I’ve come to realise that actually I have quite a sophisticated musical brain and that I get a lot of things that other people don’t notice.” “Getting away from Pink Floyd I think, I’m serious, I really think it was important that I got away when I did.


Pink Anderson and Floyd Council, the two Americans who inspired the band’s title were both early blues singers. Both musicians died within a year of the release of Pink Floyd’s seminal album, Wish You Were Here (1975). Anderson’s son ‘Little Pink Anderson’ is a bluesman too, and he’s still alive.









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