Yoko Ono keeps voracious appropriation on Lennon’s credits


Yoko Ono considers revealing extent of her influence on John Lennon, all without rebuttal

Yoko Ono said she was considering the possibility of revealing the full extent of how she had influenced music written by John Lennon, though she wasn’t sure she wanted to. Her comments came in a discussion about Lennon’s solo song “Jealous Guy,” which appeared as a demo version on the recent expanded edition of the White Album.

In 2017 Ono received a co-writing credit for Lennon’s classic song “Imagine,” 46 years after its release.

Speaking to Ono about ‘Jealous Guy’ and her role in the song, that reticence is still evident as she evades a response initially. “Well I was there!” she replies,   “Well, if it was just John, “John would have given me the right credit, but it was a difficult time.

No famous songwriter would have thought of splitting the credit with his wife.” When I ask Ono about how she influenced the song, her reserve appears again before she hints that it became a better song because of the way it encompassed a female standpoint, something she helped John to imagine. “I think it’s a good song from a women’s point of view as well [as a man’s]…John was [initially]trying to create a fun song about going on a trip to Rishikesh. That might have been great too, but it ended up not being that.” (NME) 

The point is that without refutation one can say everything and more. 

John Lennon became mesmerized by Yoko Ono after she set her sights on him, writes author Ray Connolly in new book Being John Lennon: A Restless Life- (Mailonline)
Yoko was aggressive, constantly badgering John with letters and appearing at places he was.
Yoko broke into ‘the orbit of the Beatles’ after meeting John at the Indica Gallery in London, where she was preparing for a show the next day.

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According with Irishcentral.com, journalist James O’Shea writes: ” Yoko Ono, John Lennon’s wife and muse, has decided she knows better.

She released her version this week. It starts off like fingers scraping on a blackboard and gets worse from there. Never a good singer she fails to hit the high notes and makes a travesty of the song.

But why? At age 85 and with a writing credit on the original, she has tried to outdo the legendary composition. Hear it for yourself below and weep.”

Yoko Ono will be  back yet with an old noisy and screemy LP


According with NME She had that ability to bring out the best in people is arguably most apparent on Lennon’s ‘Jealous Guy,’ a song which Yoko helped to evolve dramatically. On 2018’s newly re-mixed version of The Beatles’ ‘The White Album’ is a demo version of Lennon’s solo hit, the melody recognisable but the lyrics entirely different. ‘Child of Nature’, as it was known, was written during ‘White Album’ recording sessions – Simon Hilton  says.yoko

Yoko and John became inseparable and he insisted Yoko be at all sessions – inhibiting to the other Beatles and driving a wedge between John and Paul.
Their relationship became strained by 1972 and Yoko decided to get John a mistress – May Pang, 22, a Chinese girl who had been working for the couple.




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