Yoko Ono brings her art back to Syracuse N.Y.


SYRACUSE, N.Y. – Yoko Ono is bringing her work back to Syracuse this summer for a show at the Everson Museum of Art.

Will her return as an 86-year-old trigger the same breathless reactions that she encountered in 1971, when the Everson hosted her first solo museum show. Source  syracuse.com

Perhaps not. Much of the hubbub around that event centered on Ono’s husband, the late John Lennon, who accompanied her and contributed to the exhibition. Still, Ono often surprises.

The museum is planning for Ono to attend this year’s show and to perform in at least one of the pieces, said Elizabeth Dunbar, executive director and CEO. But it’s too early to promise that Ono will appear at the show, which opens Aug. 31.

“We hope she will be here,’’ Dunbar said. “We are planning that she will be here. But until we get a little closer to the date, we’re all kind of waiting to know for sure.’’

At a concert featuring Ono’s compositions in March, the artist arrived in a wheelchair, according to a review in the Los Angeles Times.yoko

“Yoko Ono: Remembering the Future’’ will run through Oct. 27, taking up nearly the full interior of the Everson and some outdoor space, Dunbar said. Curated by the Everson’s D.J. Hellerman, the retrospective exhibit will feature works from Ono’s career up to the present, including some works from the 1971 show.

In autumn 2018 Yoko was back with an  noisy and screemy LP.

Warzone’ was   released on 19 October  Yoko Ono had announced that she released a new album, ‘Warzone’,
Warzone, that finds her revisiting and re-imagining tracks she recorded from 1970 to 2009, with the addition of one cover song — a new take on her husband John Lennon’s iconic “Imagine.” on which Ono received (we still don’t know the reason why ) a song-writing credit for in 2017. We also remember, as all the qualified press recalls, that the only contribution that has given to the music was the dissolution of the Beatles, and discs containing screams and cries, which she defines art. But nobody has ever bought.



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